NEW Interview with Sophie Skelton from Harper’s Bazaar   1 comment

Here is a NEW Interview with Sophie Skelton from Harper’s Bazaar

From HB:

Warning: This article features a discussion about sexual abuse. Reader discretion is advised.

After a season fraught with sorrow, trauma, and life-altering decisions, Brianna (Sophie Skelton) gets some much-needed closure in Sunday’s Outlander.

After learning Stephen Bonnet (Ed Speleers) awaits execution in a jail in Wilmington, Bree—spurred by a sympathetic letter from Jamie exhorting her to forgive Bonnet “for the sake of your soul”—convinces her faux fiancé, Lord John Grey (David Berry), to accompany her to a visit with her rapist. “Forgiveness won’t change what has happened,” pregnant Bree tells Lord John. “But it can change what will be.”

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Skelton tells the ensuing confrontation between Bree and Bonnet—she steely; he wry, then sobered—is one of her favorite scenes from the final episodes of Season 4. “Bree is very strong and doesn’t let him see how he’s affected her,” she says of the moment Brianna offers forgiveness, yet promises a scornful Bonnet her child won’t know his name.

Their discourse provides Bree with the peace of mind she needs before becoming a mother, but the scene could’ve turned out very different. “There was one [take] where I fully broke down and it was really weird. It was like I was this vessel for a victim I’d watched an interview of, and it poured out of me, and I was crying uncontrollably,” Skelton reveals.”When the take ended, [everyone] was like, ‘Are you okay?’ And I couldn’t stop crying. It was a bit mad.”


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  1. Brianna and Bonnet meeting again was scary. Brianna proved how strong she was and that Bonnet couldn’t take that away from her. This was a very emotionally draining episode – beautifully created and brilliantly acted out. Thank you for sharing.


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