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Here is a NEW Interview with Richard Rankin from Entertainment Weekly

From EW:

In Sunday’s episode of Outlander, a defeated Roger Wakefield (Richard Rankin) has an emotional breakdown in captivity and then gives up an opportunity to escape the Mohawk by attempting to save Father Alexandre. Here, Rankin reflects on his most emotional scene to date and explains why Roger behaved a lot like Claire in that final scene.

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Entertainment Weekly Talk about that speech in the hut. What is going on with Roger in that very moment?

Richard Rankin There are a lot of parallels running. Roger is coming to a realization of himself through that. There is a slight lack of direction in the speech he gives Father Alexandre. That’s what I like about it. He’s discovering things for the first time about himself so even as he’s saying this to Father, he’s saying it for the first time for himself. He catches himself off guard a wee bit. He catches himself unaware. He’s finding out a lot about himself and what he’s gone through. As much as he says he’s been an idiot, Roger would do the same thing again. He would throw himself into the fray again for people who are in trouble and people who are in any sort of pain and danger. Roger will be the first to put himself in front of harm’s way. As much as he’s reflecting on everything the circumstances that brought him, there’s a lot between the lines. I was very grateful for that whole speech. The character is really moving forward. He’s taking a step forward as a different person.


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  1. Absolutely loved this episode. Roger is a changed man – he has been through Hell and back. Richard is brilliant as Roger. This was a very emotional episode. That poor Priest – I cried for him – poor soul.

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