Discussion Post: Outlander Episode 4×12 “Providence” – Come Discuss With Us! *SPOILER WARNING*   17 comments

We made this post for those of you who have already seen the episode and want to discuss it. What did you guys think of the episode? What was your favorite scene? We’d love to hear from you guys. Let us know in the comments!

Since we try to keep our twitter and Facebook spoiler free for those who haven’t seen the episode yet, we created a post where people can discuss the new episode. So feel free to discuss away in the comments!

***For those who haven’t seen the episode the comments will contain spoilers***

17 responses to “Discussion Post: Outlander Episode 4×12 “Providence” – Come Discuss With Us! *SPOILER WARNING*

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  1. Hi,
    I thought it was an overall great episode in itself. Of course the most amazing part was in the Native’s village. The settlement, kudos to Jin Gary Steele, was just stunning in all its details. The costumes by Terry Dresbach again exceeded my expectations. BUT the most awesome, thrilling part was Richard Rankin’s performance. I literally cried the first time after “Faith” in season two. Wow. (@bearmcreary was the last music sequence related to Platoon?) it really tore my heart out. There’s still so much to put into the last episode. So I hope they will show us an extended version.

    • Platoon used the Adagio for strings, composed by Samuel Barber. I thought too it was brilliant to include this piece at a very tragic moment. I saw there a second interpretation, because this piece was adapted by the same Barber as an Agnus Dei ( Lamb of God) which reflects perfectly Fr. Alexander personal situation, feeling himself as a sinner, asking for the mercy of God. No doubt, this show is having a lot of detail and it’s aesthetics is amazing.

    • Agree

  2. I saw the episode and really liked it. Richard performance was brillant. But I didn’t like the fact that they left out Jamie and Claire again. it is their story and the rest is secondary. There aren’t enough episodes to fit all in and they’ve chosen to tell us things we don’t care much about. Maybe they intend to continue OL with R&B? I don’t like that idea, as it isn’t the purpose of the show from the beginning. Starz is doing a fine job but some mistakes are paid dearly and I don’t think Outlander fandom would like a show without J&C, I know I wouldn’t. Besides this, I loved Cesar’s performance too, and the settlements.All the actors were excellent and the story well told…except they didn’t tell us about our favourite characters. They have to think hard what they are going to do next season…as it would be a shame to lose OL because of someone’s mistaken ideas…Thank you.

    • Well, the story for Drums of Autumn includes Roger & Bree’s story, and we hadn’t seen very much of Roger up ’til now (very little screen-time, in fact!) so the story needed to be about him, to catch up before season’s end. Sorry if you are missing J&C but the story really is about the whole family now, not just them, so the show should reflect that.

  3. I love the whole episode, especially how we are seeing what in the books are suggested. My favorite scene was the tragic ending with that adagio music, that per se tells the audience the heartbreaking moment we are seeing.

  4. All I can say to s bravo 👏 great season!

  5. Richard Rankin did an amazing job in this episode! The ending was truly breathtaking! Kudos to all for another amazing episode!

  6. I agree with Helena to a certain degree. The books continue to become larger each time and unfortunately with only 13 episodes compromises and losses must be made. I can’t say I have been overly pleased with this season. I too wish to see J&C more often. I feel the quality of the show has been compromised due to lack of enough episodes and will continue to due so because of 1400 page books and only 13 episodes. I know the writers are sticking to issues which are organic to the story line. I just feel “cheated” in some regard and fear this feeling will continue through continued seasons. On a lighter note, the acting continues to be top of the line, all are doing an awesome job!

    • I feel that this has been one of the strongest season since the first season. I know ones are upset because they want to see Jamie and Clair but if this season upsets you by not seeing Jamie and Clair book #8 WIMOHB must have really been a bummer for you.
      Bree and Roger have to have their story to just as Jamie and Clair did in OUTLANDER. This season has been wonderful for both couples and next season, The Firery Cross will feature all you want of Jamie and Clair.

    • Rather late in commenting I’m afraid. I did enjoy the episode very much I thought it had pace and heatbreaking scenes in the Mohawk village however the scene where Rollo finds the remains was for me a bit amateurish. For fear of being shot down in flames I personally do not think it was a good thing to bring Murtagh back. Although I loved his character in Seasons 1 & 2 I feel that he should have been left on Culloden Field where he died. The story has enough content without fabricating a storyline for Murtagh. I do not think his character adds anything but does take time from other more pertinent aspects of the story which have been left out. We could have seen more of Jamie and Claire.

  7. Wow, what a show! I watched it at 1 AM when it was available on demand, but was too emotional to come on line to comment. I watched again this morning, paying more attention to the costumes, props, music, etc…. and I cried just as much maybe more the 2nd time. Overall, I loved it, but I do have a short list of grievances keeping it from being my absolute fav episode this season. I will state them upfront and then get on with all the goodness:
    • No J&C, that’s never a good thing!
    • I worry there isnt time for J/C/B reunion, Jems birth and Roger’s return, & Ian’s tattoos until season 5, I dont see how all that can be achieve in one episode. I wish we had 16 episodes like season 1 so we could fit in all of it. I hope the rumor is that season 5 and 6 are only 12 episodes in length isnt true!

    However, that said, I thoroughly enjoyed every slip of this weeks show. I loved that they worked in a lot of the Indian story content which made DOA my fav book. i do love the gauntlet, the indians use to determine what the man is made of. I thought the camp, the huts, the Indian attire were all beautiful; set, costume, everything perfect, as usual. I love Roger’s physical transformation… his bruises and cuts are healing, but he looks gaunt and defeated. The ending with only music and no other sound (like episode 1) was amazing.

    I am so happy you included Father Alexander and the Indian woman’s love story, and as sad as that part was, It was really, really well done. I loved that Roger started to break, that he started to feel like he had to make self-preservation his priority, but that even though he was aware his actions would cost him even more, he couldnt help himself from giving up his escape to end his friends suffering and let him die quickly. I thought Rik Rankin did an amazing job in this episode. And it is clear that this whole event will influence Roger’s character and future, as it was meant to in the book. I have hated the internets/non-readers dislike of Roger’s character this season, and hope they will all see the man and character that he really is now, based off this episode.

    Also loved the other half of the story going down at the same time in Wilmington. Loved and laughed when Fergus changed the “What would Jesus Do?” to “What would Jamie do?” Very funny, very true. I have really missed both Fergus and Marsali not having much of a presence in S4, it was refreshing to see them integral to this episode. Loved every scene with David Berry, no surprise, always do. Loved LJG comment, “The baby is expected. Memories are not, they simply come”.  Loved Bree’s comment to LJG, “You are impossible not to like”. Yeah, duh!  I love that Murtagh and Fergus and Marsali will finally be going to the Ridge. Sounds like they will all be more prominent next season. i hope Murtaghs character has long enough legs to fight side by side with Jamie and Gen Washington, and maybe even some spying on B. Arnold? Hmmm, so many possibilities.

    The preview for next week reveals that Ottertooth’s tale will be included in S4. This also pleases me considerably. I think it is central to the Outlander theme, and the parallels drawn between British/Scotland versus Americans/Native Indian Nation is fascinating. The loss of a whole culture in both cases were so devastating, and im glad the show will see the point that the time travelers (be it Gillian/Claire or Otter Tooth) were unable to change the major events to preserve the lost cultures.

    Loved everything about it. Thank you for delivering another great episode ! Laura

  8. I am wondering what the relationship is Kaerthon and Johieon? Is he her brother? Or something else? Clearly he loves her.

  9. This was a great episode and the ending was epic! Poor Rodger headed back to the idiot hut!

  10. Wonderful episode. Richard Rankin has a stellar performance here. David Berry as LJG never disappoints and SS (Bree) grows stronger in her performance each episode. The characters Murtaugh, Fergus, Bonnet and Marsali; what can I say, but simply great. With all that said, I missed J&C because for me, they are Outlander but I can see why.
    I do want to say, remember Murtaugh did not survive Culloden and because so many fans called for his return (which writers did for fans) things had to be changed up. The writers have done great job giving us watchers what we asked for as well as so very much more.
    This episode left me wanting it to go on and on. I will say again that I loved this episode (kudos to all actors and writers) and anticipate 13 to see how all is wrapped up.

  11. Fabulous Episode. Gary Steele did an amazing job creating the Mohawk village and once again Terry Dresbach has created beautiful costuming. The music as always is amazing. Great acting all around but Richard Rankin shines most in this episode. I was so pleased that they included the Father Alexander story and stayed so true to the book. The ending with the Indian healer kissing her baby and climbing up the pyre to embrace her lover was both horrifying and beautiful. My husband could not wrap his head around her leaving her baby behind. What mother would do that? The emotion was powerful and beautifully played. Loved the interaction between Fergus and Marsali and how she supports him in his plan to free Murtagh. It is so important to develop these characters who are integral to the Fraser family as they will be with us throughout the future seasons and we must take the time to know and care about them. Same with Roger and Bree and Lord John. These characters are permanent and deserve the screen time they are getting. In essence, Jamie and Claire are there by extension. Fergus asking what would M’Lord do? Marsali replying that they would find a way as they will and do. They are very much influenced by the example of Jamie and Claire. Lord John is there as an extension of Jamie to protect Bree and Bree is showing the strength of character and courage of both her parents. Jamie is there in his letter to Bree which she acts upon. The confrontation with Stephen Bonnet was very close to the book and well done. Sophie Skelton has really grown into the role of Bree and I expect that she will continue to grow in future seasons. Bree was not a character easily loved in the books until she was put to the test with the challenges in the 18th century. Like Roger, she is transformed, but in her core she is still the same. Clearly they are not going to end DOA at the same place as it ends in the book, but I am certain that it will end in a logical place, hopefully with the entire family coming together on Fraser’s Ridge with a new baby added to the mix. The rest can be folded into Season 5 easily.

    • Sam Heughan did drop the hint early on that Season 5 would most likely start with the Clan Gathering that would have ended Season 4. Season 4 had so much to cover and still yet to do. Season 4 has been stellar, just as I knew it would. All the actors were brilliant and so authentic. I am not skilled in dissecting a TV show or books, but I can say that Outlander is still one of the best shows on TV

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