2 NEW Scenes from Outlander 4×12 “Providence”   6 comments

Here are 2 NEW Scenes From Outlander 4×12 “Providence”

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6 responses to “2 NEW Scenes from Outlander 4×12 “Providence”

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  1. This season has been spectacular! The writer’s have seemed to have picked the most pivotal scenes in Drums of Autumn with a great eye to detail. Hitting the major points of the book to keep moving through it. The actors have, as usual, have brought the scenes alive in unbelievable fashion! Why Cait was snubbed again this year at the Golden Globes is a travesty! After watching these 2 scenes my only question is in how is it possible to tell the rest of the book in only 2 more episodes? If it’s possible I know they will pull it off in what we expect in Outlander fashion!

    • Hi Lori: You are right – Season 4 has been absolutely awesome from start to finish, just as I knew it would. I love every episode. Sam, Caitriona, Sophie, Richard, John Bell, David Berry, and others have been outstanding. Sam and Caitriona are again showing us all what brilliant actors they are. I’ll never understand why they both have been snubbed again – it is a travesty as you say. It must be disheartening to the actors – they put their hearts and souls into their work. The book ends with the Clan Gathering – I hope they include that in the last episode! The last episode is on January 27th, i can hardly believe it. I am again (4x) into the book Drums of Autumn – love it so much and I love the show as well.

  2. I agree wholeheartedly!! They never cease to amaze! Add to the miscarriage of recognition by the Globes to Sam whose performance in this season has grown exponentially, only to be ignored again! Showing his paternal side in episodes that included his two children, he truly deserved notice! They fall all over GoT, and ignore the better story, better cast, and better performances! There has been a change in Jamie that Sam has captured exquisitely! But no nomination? I know one thing for sure, that is where the heads of those who vote for Golden Globe nominees are hiding!

  3. Yes it is a spectacular season and I have enjoyed every single episode, more than once. The cast and crew are amazingly talented and its been a very exciting and eventful season. I agree that Cait and Sam both deserve recognition, but the entire Outlander series has grown so much in regards to their popularity over the past few years, that I’m sure they know they are the best. ❤

    • Hi Sandra: We, the dedicated fans, also know that Sam and Caitriona are the best and i hope they know that. When you think of the creativity, detail, emotion and intelligence put into the Outlander series – those folks in charge of things at the Golden Globes deserve a head shake. But I keep hoping that eventually this show and its amazing actors,writers, etc., will be awarded as they should be.

  4. I agree with all the comments. The GG is a Hollywood thing. I never watch it. Cait and Sam deserve better. They are the best and all those stupid Hollywood actors do not even come close to Sam, Cait, Richard, Sophie, David, Cesar, Lauren and Duncan Lacroix’s talent.

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