NEW HQ Stills for Outlander 4×12 “Providence”   3 comments

Here are NEW HQ Stills for Outlander 4×12 “Providence”

Outlander – Season 4 – Episode 412

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3 responses to “NEW HQ Stills for Outlander 4×12 “Providence”

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  1. Loved the Stills above. Hopefully Bonnet is going to get what he deserves – such a horrible horrible man – except somehow I think he’ll find a way out.

  2. Hopefully Marsali is ‘smuggling’ Murtagh out of Wilmington to Frasers Ridge or bringing the wagon so that Fergus can get Murtagh out of town. I don’t want the Frasers to lose Murtagh. Glad he didn’t die at Culloden Moor (as in the books) He’s a great addition to the continuing story.

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