Discussion Post: Come Rate and Discuss Episode 4×11 of Outlander “If Not For Hope” With Us! *SPOILER WARNING*   6 comments

We made this post for those of you who have already seen the episode and want to discuss it. What did you guys think of the episode? What was your favorite scene? We’d love to hear from you guys. Let us know in the comments!

Since we try to keep our twitter and Facebook spoiler free for those who haven’t seen the episode yet, we created a post where people can discuss the new episode. So feel free to discuss away in the comments!

***For those who haven’t seen the episode the comments will contain spoilers***

6 responses to “Discussion Post: Come Rate and Discuss Episode 4×11 of Outlander “If Not For Hope” With Us! *SPOILER WARNING*

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  1. All the scenes with Brianna and Lord John,

  2. I know that adapting any book to the screen, big or little, has to have changes whether big or small, those changes and or odd additions, will take place. All I can say is that I’m very glad I’ve read the books. I’m now trying to figure out how they’re going to adapt what’s left of Drums of Autumn that hasn’t been shown, to the screen. As I mentioned, I’ve read the books, so I know what happens to everyone, especially Ian who will have one of the biggest life changes/growth into WHO he becomes, but with so few episodes left for this book, unless they’re doing a pt. 2 for Drums of Autumn, I have to wonder how they’re going finish it. What I’m hoping that they BETTER NOT DO, is kill off Murtagh! Especially since having him in this, which I LOVE, was a big change from the source material.

    • I agree 100% with your concerns regarding Ian’s story. I think DOA was my 2nd fav book of the whole series (behind only book 1). And a large part of the reasoning was the growth of young Ian. That coupled with the talented John Bell playing the roll, it is a missed opportunity if they dont pack the last 2 episodes with more of his story. And I also hope claire learns more of otter tooth’s story in ther next episode too! Another potential missed opportunity.

      Regarding Murtagh, I have convinced myself they wont kill him off. First, because the Directors and Producers brought back a fan fav… for what, just to kill him off another way? To have Bonnet kill him? Or to have him executed as a regulator
      Leader? NO! That doesnt advance the story’s plot, nor would it make anyone happy. Second, they dont need a way to make us hate Bonnet even more, the story has already done that quite well I think.They will need more scottish settlers on the ridge and more revolutionaries who can fight in the seasons to come. Although I dont know anymore than anyone else, I suspect he will be a good warrior fighting beside Jamie in the seasons to come. I for one am an American who would love to think of Murtagh having fought for my country’s independence!

      Finally, since this blog entry is about episode 411, I can’t miss the chance to say that i didnt think it possible, but i fell a little more in love with LJG played by David Berry in this episode. His performance and discussions with Bree were all that I had hoped for! When he walked into the dinner party, and all conversation stopped, and turned toward him, I was cheering!! I truly love this character. I hope the rumors of a LJG series based on that book series is more than just a rumor. 🙂

      • Since they’ve brought Murtagh back, I’m with you on hoping that they better not kill him off as the Regulator Leader, especially after someone in his group betrayed him. It would defeat the purpose of bringing him back. With the change in bringing Murtag back, which I love, I’m hoping that they have Lord John Gray intervene, saying that he was working for him in secret trying to root out the “regulators”. Hopefully he outranks Lord Tryron. They just better not kill off Murtagh…..and that despicable Steven Bonneet, leave him in jail! But having read the books, I know how things turn out…..as for Ian, can’t wait to see his transformation/growth….I just HATE it that we’re getting so close to the end of season…we’re headed for another Droughtlander…..

        • Hi Donna: I agree with you 100%. There is so much more to Drums of Autumn and with only 2 more episodes to go – I wonder if it can all be covered. Lord John Grey – an amazing man, a very insightful person. You are right about Murtagh – keep him alive! After Episode 13 (Finale for Season 4), I will be going into serious withdrawal – again.

  3. Hi Rhona, thanks for the post….I’m so glad that fans like you and I can come hear and comment, since I think most of us who comment have read the books vs the other sites I’ve come across when folks comment on the show without ever having read the books…it gets so frustrating when I see the comments and when I’ve commented, some of the people comment back, that my comment is a “spoliler”….now am I to know if they hadn’t read the books and are making crazy statements that are not only crazy but off base and since I’d read the books, I cleared up what they’d posted. I don’t visit those sites or comment on them anymore. Thank goodness for this site! And like you, when the season finale comes, we’re all going to go through some serious withdrawal, and maybe frustration if it doesn’t play out like we’re hoping. We’ll just have to cross our fingers that we’re not disappointed.

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