*New* Maril Davis Speaks About Roger’s Journey and Episode 4×10 of Outlander “The Deep Heart’s Core” With THR

From THR

When he finally did make it to Fraser’s Ridge, he was immediately attacked without warning by a man who could only be Brianna’s father, Jamie (Sam Heughan), and sold to the Native Americans as a slave. After being forced to walk hundreds of miles away from finding Bree yet again, he fell, injured his wrists and was able to escape his guards. But so far north and lost, there’s no guarantee that he’ll ever be able to find Bree again. So the cliffhanger at the end of “The Deep Heart’s Core,” showing Roger discovering a stone circle deep in the woods, was huge. He heard the telltale buzzing, meaning he could go back to his time through these stones. He could leave all this heartbreak and harm behind him, but he’d be saying goodbye to ever seeing Bree again.


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