*New* Sophie Skelton & Sam Heughan Speak Episode 4×09 of Outlander “The Birds and the Bees” With TV Guide   1 comment

From TV Guide:

“I know that people want Brianna and her father to have this wonderful reunion, but it’s very different,” Skelton explained to TV Guide. “They’re strangers. With Jamie and Claire, they’re going to fall into each other’s arms and pick up where they left off. Jamie and Brianna are strangers. They’ve never met each other before.”

There’s also a dark cloud hanging over Brianna’s head as she comes face to face with her father for the first time. The interaction comes just hours after Roger (Richard Rankin) fled following their newlywed fight and Brianna was raped by Stephen Bonnet (Ed Speleers). In the wake of the horrifying incident, Jamie was not actually the person Brianna was hoping to find.

“It’s a bittersweet reunion in that Brianna has just gone through a lot of trauma,” Skelton said. “Actually, in that moment I think Brianna needs Claire. Seeing Jamie in that moment is just the next step to getting to Claire.”

Brianna was shortly reunited with her mother as well, but even Claire as a buffer couldn’t ease all of the awkwardness between Brianna and Jamie. However, it became obvious over the course of the episode that there is no doubt that Brianna carries her father’s hot blood.

“She’s a Fraser,” Heughan teased to TV Guide. “She has a lot of the characteristics of her father, which is stubborn and can fly off the handle.”

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  1. This is where there are explosive fireworks between Father and Daughter. – both very stubborn and hot tempered. They eventually “bury the hatchet”, but that took a while. Brianna is very much Jamie’s daughter in every way. Claire is peace maker between the two.

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