*New* Maril Davis’ Speaks Episode 4×09 of Outlander “The Birds and the Bees” With Variety   1 comment

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“You always want to do something a little different in the TV show to give the fans who know the books and love the books something unexpected sometimes,” executive producer Maril Davis tells Variety. “But this scene, in particular, was something we wanted to keep in the realm of that book scene because we were all excited to see it come to life.”

And a great part of bringing it to life in a beautiful and satisfying way, Davis says, was the work of series stars Heughan and Skelton.

“The emotions that show on their faces, it’s obviously a very difficult scene [for the actors],” she says. “There are so many things that would be running through your mind.”

Davis points out that the “shock, elation, heartbreak — the heartbreak of not being able to see this beautiful woman turn into this beautiful woman” that plays out on Heughan’s face is “just amazing” in the scene. Similarly, Davis was impressed to see Skelton portray the “expectation of hearing about this man and finally meeting him in the flesh.”

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  1. Very interesting interview. It is very interesting as to how Jamie and Claire will relate to the issues around Brianna’s arrival and her pain/suffering. Jamie a stubborn, protective Scot of the 18th Century, Claire a strong willed, stubborn woman of the 20th Century. Vastly different eras, and social outlooks. Jamie and Claire both love their daughter Brianna very much,but in vastly different ways.

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