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Here is a NEW Interview with Sophie Skelton from Vulture

From Vulture:

Since seeing Brianna approach the stones in the season-four trailer, Outlander fans have been waiting for the moment Bree would meet her long-lost biological father, Jamie Fraser. But as actress Sophie Skelton knows, the scene that played out in this week’s episode, “The Birds & The Bees,” may not be the “wonderful father-daughter reunion” many were expecting. That’s because it comes the day after Brianna was raped by Stephen Bonnet, which, in the Starz drama, happened the same night she was handfast and lost her virginity to Roger Wakefield. (In Diana Gabaldon’s Drums of Autumn, the sexual assault occurs on Bonnet’s boat two days after her union with Roger, and when she meets Jamie days later, readers aren’t yet aware of it — they learn of the rape when Claire does, after guessing that Brianna is pregnant and hearing that Roger, who used the unreliable withdrawal method of birth control, may not be the father.)

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Skelton spoke with Vulture about how she wanted to play Brianna’s first scene with Jamie (Sam Heughan), why Bree’s heart-to-heart with Claire (Caitriona Balfe) is so important, and what she thinks viewers can learn from Brianna’s relationship with Roger (Richard Rankin).

This episode must have been challenging to film: Bree has to continue on her journey to find her parents, but we also have to see moments where we feel the pain of what she’s just experienced. How did you approach her mind-set?

It was actually quite a big thing to think about. Because I know the scene where Brianna meets Jamie is quite a pivotal scene in the book and a quite anticipated scene for the book fans. But I think how it reads on paper and how it plays out onscreen is slightly different. Obviously that [previous] night Brianna’s been such a roller coaster of emotions. She had this beautiful, perfect evening with Roger, she’s been handfast, and then everything did a complete 180 flip. So I wanted to play it more that it’s just sort of a relief finding Jamie. He accepts her in a way that Laoghaire puts in her head that he wouldn’t.

I wanted to make sure it looks as if she had just found her mother and a safe place, as opposed to it being this wonderful reunion. There still is that element, but I think we played it a little bit more thickly in this season than in the books that Bree is a young woman and this man really is a stranger. I know they share blood, but she doesn’t know him. And I think what’s nice about this season, from that time on, we really see them trying to form this bond as opposed to it just being sort of an instantaneous click.


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  1. Great Interview!. It explained Bree a lot. What a complex, emotional and tragic time for her. She and her Mother and Father are all together at last, but she can’t really enjoy it because of what happened to her.

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