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Here is a NEW Interview with Maril Davis from Entertainment Weekly

From EW:

Readers of Drums of Autumn should have been prepared for the ecstasy and agony of Sunday’s episode of Outlander, but it didn’t make Brianna’s experience any less heartbreaking. After marrying and making love to her new husband Roger, the time-traveling daughter of Jamie and Claire is raped by Stephen Bonnet, the same wretch who robbed her parents.

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Unlike the disturbing rape scene involving Black Jack and Jamie in season 1, the sexual assault in Sunday’s “Wilmington” episode occurred off-camera. That was always the plan for what ended up being the series’ 50th episode.

“There is a lot of rape in Diana’s books,” admits Executive Producer Maril Davis to EW. “Obviously we’ve seen some of it and every time we try to figure out what is best for the story. We certainly want to be sensitive to the character who is going through this situation. We knew from the outset that we wanted to [have the rape occur off-screen]. We’re in the room with her at the beginning. Sophie did such an amazing job. It’s just a heart-breaking moment.”


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  1. A great interview. Sophie Skelton is showing what a very talented actress she is. What Brianna suffered through by Bonnet was horrifying – it would stay with her all her life. Her relationship with Roger will be filled with doubt, and uncertainty, hopefully things will smooth out.for them..

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