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From Vanity Fair:

Up until “Down the Rabbit Hole,” Skelton and Menzies had only shared one scene—in Season 3. That was all viewers had to go on if they wanted to understand the bond between adult Brianna and the man who lovingly raised her, despite not being biologically related to her. “Brianna and Frank can be a little bit misunderstood,” Skelton said of the way these two characters—who both somewhat stood in the way of Jamie and Claire—have been treated by the fandom in the past. The TV adaptation is endeavoring to correct that fan reaction.


As for Skelton, she notes that this heart-wrenching farewell may spell trouble for Jamie Fraser. “I know a lot of people want a quick fix and a sort of reunion between Jamie and Brianna,” she said. “But I think people have to remember that Frank really did raise Bree and he did a very good job. There’s that guilt she feels going back. She feels like she’s betraying him.”


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  1. Great interview. This interview gives a better understanding of the Clair/Frank/Jamie issue. Also, it will be a hard sell for Jamie, considering that at the beginning when Claire first approached Brianna about her real Father,it went poorly. Brianna has the fiery temper, and stubbornness of Jamie, so when these two get together it should be interesting – because Jamie is definitely not like Frank. For one thing Jamie is of the 18th century era and Brianna the 20th Century era – a big difference in outlook.

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