Discussion Post: Outlander Episode 4×07 “Down the Rabbit Hole” – Come Discuss With Us! *SPOILER WARNING*   24 comments

We made this post for those of you who have already seen the episode and want to discuss it. What did you guys think of the episode? What was your favorite scene? We’d love to hear from you guys. Let us know in the comments!

Since we try to keep our twitter and Facebook spoiler free for those who haven’t seen the episode yet, we created a post where people can discuss the new episode. So feel free to discuss away in the comments!

***For those who haven’t seen the episode the comments will contain spoilers***

24 responses to “Discussion Post: Outlander Episode 4×07 “Down the Rabbit Hole” – Come Discuss With Us! *SPOILER WARNING*

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  1. Sad not to see a meeting between Jenny and Bianna. Themeeting in Lallybroich was too fast with too little emotion. It deserves an episode for itself.

  2. Interesting throw back to the book when Claire made a PB&J for her journey but didn’t. And now we see Bree makes the sandwich instead. Also… the entire speech from Bonnet when he found Roger and the woman with child…who were hiding. The Bonnet speech.. meh. Waste of time for me. It didn’t push the narrative forward. What pushed the narrative forward for me was the cavalier attitude in which Bonnet pushed the sick child over board. That was clearly a defining moment of how cruel he is and how low he’ll go. Loved how Laoghrie (sp) turned on a dime against Bree.

  3. Dont like Nell Hudson So will not watch. I hope she isn’t in much this year. I hate to delete if it slips through..

  4. I’m afraid I’ve been a bad fellow fan and spewed my disappointment with this episode all over Twitter. Not happy with myself about that. But my God Bree’s part in this episode was so ridiculous and awful. I loved Roger’s scenes. And the 2 1/2 minutes we got with Ian. But having Brianna spend 20 long, slow, and boring minutes with Laoghaire was awful. I kept talking to the tv….”When is she leaving Balriggan? When is she leaving this house? Leave Brianna….leave. Remember the fire!” I get that they wanted to show this correlation between Frank and Laoghaire…..both loving someone who could never love them the same way. But did we need 20 minutes of Brianna just hanging out and listening to Laoghaire’s bitterness? No. And so much went against character. Brianna came through the stones to save Jamie and Claire. The first thing she says to Laoghaire is that she needs to get to NC to save her parents. Considering Brianna’s character, what is more likely to delay her journey: visiting her father’s ancestral home and visiting with the uncle and first and second cousins she’s never known and never thought she’d see; or hanging around for a few days with the bitter but somewhat nice lady that found her collapsed on the road? Why didn’t she ask where she was? Look at her map to see where she was in relation to Lallybroch? Or at least how far she was from the harbor? Why would she continue to use the name Randall knowing that Jamie was raped by a man with that last name? Although I don’t believe Claire didn’t tell her who Laoghaire is, we still could have cut half of those scenes, had Ian appear the next morning, and still had the confrontation. She could have heard Laoghaire call him Ian Murray, revealed she is Jamie’s daughter, Laoghaire freaks out, Bree reveals Laoghaire’s part in Crainsmuir, and Ian takes her to Lallybroch. We get scenes of her meeting some of the Murray clan, seeing the Dunbonnet’s cave, and then taking her to the harbor. I was just so BORED with the Balriggan scenes.

    • Brianna had to stay there because her ankle was injured. She wasn’t in a condition to travel.

      • She’d already traveled quite far on that ankle. She was able to travel from the bed to the kitchen to see Ian. She could travel out into the garden the next day. All she had to do was get up in the wagon like she did when Joanie finally took her to Lallybroch. She never asked where she was. All she had to do was ask, then ask how far Balriggan is from Lallybroch, then ask to be taken there. Could have cut 10 minutes off of the 20 she spent with Laoghaire, still accomplished all they wanted to emotionally. If she had just introduced herself to Ian, we’d have been spared the bulk of that boring and unnecessary visit.

      • Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a New year that will be good to you in every way. I love Outlander Online, and all the wonderful Screencaps and Stills being sent our way. I am an obsessed Outlander fan. I also take great pleasure in reading the many opinions, and views from all the many wonderful people who follow Outlander Online as well. Thank you for all your hard work.

    • I agree with everything you said! Too much Brianna and Laoglaire. Really missed Jenny.

  5. I have a mixed review. While I thought the acting was wonderful, I did not like seeing LegOHair again. I was angry they showed her as a nice reasonable person but quickly changed my mind when they showed her dark side–bitchiness and evil tendencies. I felt for Joanie, having to live with such a disturbed mother. I keep asking why both Jamie and Ian cater to this sick sick person without dealing with her, letting her get away with attempted murder two times. As for the Frank bit, I did not mind because it was a tool to understanding where Bree was coming from and having two fathers. It has to have been very confusing. I am not sure I like the introduction of her feeling guilt at Frank’s death after she refused to answer him right away when he asked to go to Scotland with him. That was cruel on his part and a shock to her and as we know, Claire too. Joanie the saint. I think she becomes a nun, if memory serves me correctly. I think they should have had moire Ian and sorry Laura was not around as Jenny. I wanted to see her reaction to having a niece her brother kept from her. Bonnet is evil as can be and they made that clear. I do not know if they are going to reenact the rape of Bree or just allude to it. I do get tired of so much rape. Yes it happened and it still does. That is another episode. All in all, It was a well done episode, just not to my liking without any Jamie or Claire at all, not one second. I love this story because of their marriage and devout love for each other. It is special and makes the show more special, as well as the books. Maybe it’s the anticipation of our next view of JC that make waiting edgy and looked for.

  6. I really enjoyed the scenes with Leoghaire and her POV about their relationship. Especially when she talked about them as a family sitting around the fire telling stories. Also, that he would steal kisses from her and was beaten for her. In her mind she really believed it was bc he loved her. Very sad. It is obvious it’s a huge loss for her and her daughter. It was mean of him to leave the way he did. I know this may be a very unpopular opinion, but I think it’s something many don’t want to think about. I always felt badly for her.

    • If you read the books you’d eventually understand why Jamie was in Edinburgh and not at Balriggin with Leoghaire. Further in the books, you find that L is in love with a disabled man and the money Jamie sends supports them!!! L was about the $ when she knew Jamie’s heart was elsewhere. I for one was very upset with the variation the writers took with this last episode. Even if Jenny was not there, more time should have been spent with Brianna, Ian and her cousins. She needed to see the picture of Ellen in Lallybroch since Brianna resembles her so much…

      • I have read all the books and am aware of all angles involving Leoghaire. Much of their trouble was bc she knew Jamie still loved Claire and he would sulk for days missing her. She also saw a vision of Claire with Jamie. She new he didn’t love her and that must have been very difficult for her. She wasn’t the right person for him. Who’s to say what she could have meant to him if Claire never came.

  7. umm the filming of the Highlands just beautiful I mean breathtaking..do you think it was real or artistic studio scenes??? is that what they call CGI…also in the book and the film is there a answer as to where Bree found out about the fire??? I think she says “she found out” just curious I think in the book Diana says she was doing her research originally to find out if C actually found J thx Adele

    • The filming is real. No CGI. I can’t remember how Brianna finds out about the fire in the books, but I think it’s actually through Roger if I’m not mistaken, which I could really well be.

      • I believe in the book she finds out on her own. Through her own research. She gets mad at Roger because he didn’t tell her.

  8. Why did Roger shave his beard?

  9. I also wondered why they burned so much screen time in this episode on Leoghaire(?). I decided that since they never do anything that doesn’t move the story forward, they must be planning to bring Joanie to America at some point in the future so wanted to establish her home life and a connection with Bree. Other than the Leoghaire stuff, I loved the rest of the episode…….. maybe could have spent a little more time with Ian.

  10. This was done from Leoghaire POV because Jenny was not available for filming, so they had to do a re-write. Take a look at Maril Davis’ interviews What was up with the casting for Lizzie Wheemes? I thought she was supposed to be blond, wimpy and 14 years old?

  11. Have just finished watching the episode. I have very mixed feelings. The first half was slow and dull. Why was there so much of Frank? Its all been done before. Tea and scones, what rubbish and the scene by Frank’s grave – ugh! Then we saw Brianna trudging on foot miles and miles through the Highlands. Why? In the book she was on horseback, and she looked so much like her father that Leoghaire went to Lallybroch because she thought Jamie had come back (if my memory serves me). Even without Jenny (didn’t know Laura was pregnant and couldnt play the scene) they could have made a big warm welcome for Brianna. After all didnt the Murrays have a large family. The Lallybroch scene with Ian was cold and empty and very rushed. And, I thought Lizzie Wymes was a small frail diminutive creature, not the strapping girl who has been cast (no offence to her of course). Shes bigger than Brianna. All in all there was too much Frank and Leoghaire for me and not enough moving forward with the story.

    • Jen, The Lizzie choice was my bug-a-boo also. She was supposed to be “blond and mousy” and if I remember correctly, Brianna refers to her as a “puppy”. This woman is too formidable looking. With regards to Lallybroch, the Leoghaire confrontation scene is a favorite of mine and I was looking forward to it–darn. But as a bright side, I enjoyed Joanie. Another thought–Ian just dumped Brianna off at the pier???? Really?? In those days you didn’t go anywhere without an escort. Strange.

  12. Yes all a bit empty and rushed. Hope next episode redeems itself. With all the content in the book I have never seen why other stories have to be fabricated. Doesn’t make sense to me after all it’s hard to improve on near perfection.

  13. I loved this episode. I have read the views above, and sense a disappointment by some viewers with the direction given this episode by the writers. But, I have read the book Drums of Autumn and know that no tv show or movie follows the book that they were made from – ever. In the book Laoghaire was just as nasty as she was on screen. A very bitter lady. The scenes with Brianna and Frank were heartbreaking and felt they explained a lot. I have everything good to say about this episode. Loved Roger – poor man – he is in for a difficult time. Just sayin’. Thank you everyone for your views – very interesting.

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