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From Town & Country

Some fans of the books were never keen on that ring to begin with, as it represented a major departure from Diana Gabaldon’s novels. In the text, Claire’s ring is described as featuring a “Highland interlace pattern, the links engraved with tiny, stylized thistle blooms.”

And it is that ring, crafted by Murtagh out of silver from Jamie’s mother’s candle stick, that we see Claire receive in tonight’s episode, as a replacement for the one Bonnet stole.

Gabaldon was a fan of the show’s solution.

“Oh I thought it was very clever how they did it. It worked in extremely well with the plot that they had going, how they had worked that particular bit,” Gabaldon told T&C during a conversation earlier this year.

“I assumed it to be kind of their way of apologizing to the readers who were upset about the first ring, by giving them a ring that more closely resembled what they might have had in mind.”

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2 responses to “*New* Diana Gabaldon’s Interview With Town & Country

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  1. I truly love Outlander. There is a lot of negativity about this season but I’m actually enjoying it. Just wish it was on longer. That’s the shortest hour of my day. Lol. Now I just would like to find Claire’s new ring?


  2. Always glad to hear Diana Gabaldon’s views regarding the series ‘Outlander”. I have read the books and know that the TV show and the books won’t always resemble each other. Not possible. I am enjoying Season 4 every second of the way. How about an Oscar for this amazing tv show.


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