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Here is a NEW Interview with David Berry from TV Insider

From TV Insider:

In Outlander’s most recent episode, “Blood of My Blood,” another fan-favorite character returned to the series: Lord John Grey (David Berry).

Last time fans saw him, he was serving governor of Jamaica and helping Jamie and Claire locate Young Ian. He was first introduced into the Outlander world as the governor of Ardsmuir Prison, where he and the Scotsman began a friendship. But for Lord John, his feelings grew into love.

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Fast forward to Helwater, where Jamie is paroled as a groom. There, Jamie secretly fathers a son named William and after Willie’s mother dies, his aunt Isobel becomes his guardian. Lord John agrees to marry Isobel and raise Willie, leaving Jamie eternally grateful — so much so, Jamie offered himself to Lord John because he knows how John feels about him. John declines.

Now, the Frasers are in the colonies when Lord John decides to visit with Willie on their way to Virginia. Jamie gets to see his son but Claire is weary of Lord John’s true intentions and is aware of his emotions towards her husband.

Berry spoke to TV Insider about the episode, John’s true motives, and why he think the Lord is a compassionate character.

Last time we saw Lord John, he was in Jamaica… What have you filled in about your character’s life?

David Berry: It’s alluded to in the script, so I didn’t have to fill in much. Lord John, he’s in Jamaica with Isobel and on the voyage back she dies and tragically Lord John becomes the single father of William. I think he’s going through a lot of bereavement and conflicted feelings of guilt about the life that he had with Isobel and the feelings he was harboring for Jamie. He truly did care for Isobel though.

Now, he’s arrived in the colonies because Isobel’s family has a plantation in Virginia. I think it’s fair to say that he still feels strongly about Jamie and he takes the opportunity to get near him or in his orbit. It also makes sense for Willie to be closer to his [biological] father now that Isobel is dead.


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  1. A brilliant episode. All the actors were brilliant, as usual. A great interview with David Berry.

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