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Here Interview with Caitriona Balfe from POPSUGAR


Unexpected house guests have a tendency to make things awkward, especially when they carry so many secrets. Sunday’s episode of Outlander, which is (fittingly) titled “Blood of My Blood,” welcomes Lord John Grey (David Berry) — aka the guy who is so in love with Sam Heughan’s Jamie that he’ll cross an ocean for him — to the wilds of Fraser’s Ridge, along with his petulant ward, William (Oliver Finnegan), who is actually Jamie’s son.

While this does solve the mystery of whether Jamie would ever see Willie again, the episode also offers a chance for the kind of good, old-fashioned dirty laundry airing that happens when mortality may be approaching. When Lord John is suddenly taken ill with measles, Claire (Caitriona Balfe) sends Jamie and Willie off for some unexpected, secret father-son bonding. Then, she and John have a heart-to-heart about their shared passion for the rugged Scotsman while she sits beside what could have been his deathbed.

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“It was really heartbreaking to see this man be so consumed by the pain of unrequited love,” Balfe told POPSUGAR about filming those scenes, crediting both her scene partner and the episode’s director, Denise Di Novi, for helping her pull it off. She went on to note that Claire, who was also separated from Jamie for years, “can relate to [this] in many ways.”

“I think the one thing that I wanted to do with those scenes, at least from Claire’s perspective, is not have her be threatened by this and have her be more compassionate to the pain that he had gone through,” Balfe said. “And then, obviously, when he tells her the secret that he’s been harboring about Jamie? Again, it’s not that that threatened her.”



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  1. Both of them acted these scenes very well. I was also impressed by David Berry’s performance.

    Danielle Levasseur
  2. A great interview. Caitriona was brilliant, as usual, in this episode, showing at first her reluctance of having Lord Grey in her home, and then discovering along the way of Lord John’s actual feeling for Jamie and why he was there. I do not understand why Outlander hasn’t been nominated for the Golden Globe. This show is amazing.

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