*Update and Info* On Why One of Us Dearly Needs Your Help   3 comments

We’ve been getting a few questions regarding why once of us dearly needs your help, so we thought we’d provide more details. 

Since August one of us has been dealing with a very high white blood cell count, she has been through countless tests since then, including 2 biopsies, 2 sonograms and multiple blood tests. She has seen a dermatologist, a hematologist, a surgeon and she still needs to get more tests and see more specialists as they can’t figure out what she has. She’s been very tired, sick and can’t work. She’s been through hell and back since August. It’s taken a huge toll on her and her family’s finance, which is why we are requesting your help. So if you can help by donating, we would appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts. We don’t make money from this site, we do it for all of you and we try to give as much as we can, however now it’s our time to ask for help, as much as we hate asking this of all of you. 

You can donate by clicking the button below (credit cards are accepted) or by sending a paypal transfer to outlanderonline@outlook.com 


So, please help out and donate if you can. Please don’t feel bad if you can’t. 

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3 responses to “*Update and Info* On Why One of Us Dearly Needs Your Help

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  1. I would gladly donate if I were able. I too have been very ill, and unable to work. The strange thing is I have the same symptoms and have been through the same tests including CT scans and MRIs. I have also been to many specialists and they can’t find anything other than enlarged lymph glands under my arms which are benign.Which my one of you is ill my thoughts are with you and I hope and pray that the docs can find the reason for our illnesses. You work on here is greatly appreciated.

  2. Unfortunately I cannot donate at this time. I can only offer my prayers in the hopes that recovery will be soon.

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