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Hi all,


We hate asking this of you guys, in fact it’s really hard to write this post. One of us has been dealing with major health issues for the past few months and hasn’t been able to work. She is struggling financially big time and with the holidays coming, it’s very rough. 

So we are asking you guys, if you can, if you could donate to the site. You can do so by clicking on the “Donate button” in the left hand bar, or the one below, or simply by doing a paypal transfer to outlanderonline@outlook.com . We accept credit cards as well through the donate button.  Any amount will help. It would mean the world to us. 


If you can’t donate, please don’t feel bad, we love you guys, you’re the reason we keep this site up every day. 


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  1. I just LOVE your website!! It’s my “go to” for information about #Outlander as well as for great screenshots to attach to my posts in the various Outlander related social media groups I belong to. I don’t have much either. And I had to have major surgery in February & spend a few days in the hospital. However, everything turned out okay for me and I hope it will for you too. So by way of thanking God for my recovery and my many blessings, I’ve sent along a small donation through PayPal. Get well soon, try to have a happy holiday season, & God bless!

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