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Here is a NEW Interview with Duncan Lacroix from Vulture

From Vulture:

Outlander fans have been hoping and waiting for Jamie Fraser to reunite with his godfather, Murtagh, but even the biggest Murtagh fans had to be surprised by his appearance in Sunday night’s episode, “Savages.”

Unlike in Diana Gabaldon’s novels, the grizzly Fraser survived the Battle of Culloden in the Starz drama, and was last seen in season three being escorted out of Ardsmuir Prison to board a ship to the American Colonies with other prisoners. As we learned in “Savages,” he spent 12 years as an indentured servant before becoming a blacksmith in Woolam’s Creek. And he’s doing well for himself: Murtagh’s work is so in demand, he can charge Young Ian 21 shillings to fix a broken horse bit. An outraged Jamie was ready for a fight when he marched into the smithy, but when the gray-haired Murtagh turned around, what he got instead was an embrace.

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Now that actor Duncan Lacroix no longer has to keep secret the details of Murtagh’s reappearance — his own cousin was worse than any fan pestering him for spoilers, he says — he spoke with Vulture about the Fraser family reunion, how it could’ve actually happened in season three, and why he was temporarily put on the hair department’s naughty list.

Murtagh’s surprise entrance felt like a real event. Just like Jamie, I teared up. What did you want to capture when they came face-to-face?
It was more what I was trying to avoid, really. There are so many of these big moments in the show, and if you think about them as big moments when you’re going into them, they become increasingly difficult to act because you’re just putting so much pressure on the situation. Am I meant to be crying or whatever? I just tried to focus on the blacksmithing stuff that I’d been taught. [Laughs.]

Was your training for the blacksmithing lengthy?
No, it was just a couple of sessions. I made my own knife. I have it adorned on my wall. It looks like a bit of black lump charcoal — I wouldn’t use it to cut butter — but I’m very proud of it.

There’s that moment when Jamie says he has so much to tell Murtagh, and Murtagh responds, “I want to hear every word.” That line is full of loyalty and love.
It’s kind of a love story in itself, isn’t it, the Murtagh and Jamie relationship? I think the character was meant to be coming back in season three in Jamaica. We had plans for that happening, and then that was put off, so it was a long time that we hadn’t worked with each other as well, so it was a nice moment.


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  1. Great interview. Duncan Lacroix was a perfect fit for Murtagh, his manner of replying is so much of Murtagh’s style. I remember how Murtagh was very suspicious of Claire in the beginning of Season 1 and how during the search for Jamie he became a lot more trusting of her. He also became a confidant and friend in Season 2 – he was always there for Clan and family. I love his gruff style. Thank you for sharing the interview.

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