*New* Trailer For Episode 4×06 of Outlander “Blood of My Blood”   2 comments

Here’s the trailer for episode 4×06 of Outlander “Blood of My Blood”. 



2 responses to “*New* Trailer For Episode 4×06 of Outlander “Blood of My Blood”

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  1. Believe it or not, I’m new to Outlander. I’ve read the books, twice. I enjoyed season 1 of the TV series a great deal. Seasons 2 and 3, not so much.
    I understand that there’s no way to put 900+ pages of story line into a TV series; some things must be left out. What I don’t understand is completely changing the story.
    In the trailer above, Jamie and William have a violet encounter with the Cherokee?? Why change what is an otherwise perfect story of how the natives suffered at the hand of their encounters with Europeans? Jamie went in peace to deliver the news of the death on their land.
    Does anyone know why they completely change content? It’s happened every season. Does Diana sign off in it?

  2. Oh my! More troubles for Jamie. It seems his past is always his present and his future. So glad they have Murtagh in (though I know in the book he died at Culloden). Thank you for sharing the video above.

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