*New* Promo Stills For Episode 4×05 of Outlander “Savages”   2 comments

Here are promo stills for episode 4×05 of Outlander “Savages”. 

**We’ll add more as we get them**

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2 responses to “*New* Promo Stills For Episode 4×05 of Outlander “Savages”

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  1. Just watched the episode. It blew me away. The pacing, filming, dialogue was excellent. Especially the last bit from a special person. I’m speechless.

    • Hello Mc: Episode 5 was excellent. When I finished watching it, I sat there for a while, mesmerized and then rewatched it as I was sure that I missed a vital part. It was excellent from start to finish. I wonder what is in store for the Frasers now.

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