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Here is a NEW Interview with Terry Dresbach from Town and Country

From Town and Country:

It’s no secret that Hollywood has a horrible track record of portraying Native Americans in film and television, and stereotypical depictions of the indigenous people of this continent continue to persist even today

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That legacy of disrespect is why for season four, Outlander’s costume designer Terry Dresbach was committed to recreating the clothing of the Cherokee and Mohawk Nations characters as authentically as she could.

“It was daunting. And I knew that we had an obligation to do it right,” she told me over the phone. “Hollywood has had a bad history with this, and I wanted to right that. I wanted to do it properly, and I staked that claim from day one with everybody I worked with. I said, ‘We’re going to do this right, we’re going to do this as accurately as possible.'”

But that mission proved to be more difficult than she initially thought

“I started doing my research and just wanted to throw up because there’s just so little information,” she admitted.

Dresbach says her team “consulted with everyone we possibly could” and that she spent a year on the research for the Native American costumes this season, which is the most she’d done for anything related to the show. But she was still left with questions.


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  1. That was a great interview with Terry. She has done an amazing job on the costumes for the North American Indians. The costumes are so authentic she should get an award for the honest portrayal of the clothing worn by the Indigenous people of those times. A great achievement for Terry. I am loving every episode of Season 4 – and there are more to come.

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