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How did you find out about the writers’ plan to have the bear be a man, and what was your reaction?
We didn’t really know until we actually first read the script. We were obviously thinking at first, you know, it’s going to be a lot like The Revenant and the DiCaprio [bear] fight. To read it’s actually a man, I think it’s a really nice twist. We have a few of those this season—moments that I think fans of the books are gonna be surprised by—and I think it really adds to it. It’s fun to keep them on the front of their seats. And it’s also the beginning of the sort of understanding and mutual respect that Jamie has with the Native Americans. This moment, really in their eyes certainly, gives them some respect for who he is and vice versa.

What do you remember about filming that fight? It’s dark, you’re battling a man in a bear costume with claws. What was that experience like?
I mean, we always talk about the weather, but it was -7 degrees Celsius at night, and it was so cold, because you know Jamie, he’s just in his shirt. But it was fun. It’s hard to light that kind of stuff in a forest, but it’s a pretty intense fight, and he’s a big guy and certainly Jamie is; it just shows how dangerous this land is. Jamie and Claire really are having to forge their way in the wilderness and build their home and their new settlement, and there are so many dangers there.


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Last question: Will we see Jamie knit at some point this season? Claire and the audience just learned from Young Ian that Jamie knows how. The mention feels like Chekhov’s Gun. 
I think Jamie’s far too busy to do any knitting. But I think there was a scene, actually, that they wrote that Jamie is, but I don’t think it quite made it. But to be honest, Jamie can do a lot things, and it’s funny: when they first get [to the backcountry], they really have nothing, and over the course of the season you’ll see that more pieces of clothing appear and more knitted wear. So in the evenings they’re definitely busy and making stuff. They have to survive, and it’s also very, very cold in North Carolina over the winters, so you’ll definitely see it through the costuming.

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  1. Great interview. I thought it was funny when they mentioned that Caitriona thought it strange that the cabin Jamie and Claire built didn’t have separate bedrooms. In those days when you built a place to keep the rain out, there was usually just one room only, everyone slept, ate, and worked in one room. In the years following, if you were lucky, you could build a home with two rooms. I know they hadn’t followed the book, but I am thoroughly enjoying Season 4 the way the directors, writers, choreographers had created the series. Loving every minute of it.


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