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“At first, Jamie uses the term ‘savages’ for Native Americans, and he’s wary of them and thinks they’re pretty dangerous,” Heughan says. “He doesn’t understand them that much. But his first encounter, when there is a bit of a standoff with them, he sees in them some sort of code, and he understands them as a warrior nation. There does become this uneasy – or not even uneasy, just an understanding between them. They begin to have respect for each other and trade with each other.”

Without spoiling upcoming storylines, the ties between the Frasers and the Native Americans continue to strengthen over the course of the season. “There are similarities between the Highlanders, the Scots and the Native Americans, and it’s a really nice story we’re telling,” Heughan says. “It develops over time until the end of the season that I’m really excited about that involves the whole village of the Mohawk. Jamie really trusts them.”

Meanwhile, the episode also made great strides in Brianna (Sophie Skelton) and Roger’s (Richard Rankin) story in 1971. When Roger discovered the mention of Fraser’s Ridge in the book Bree gave him, he continued to dig deeper until he confirmed that it was Jamie. He called Bree to let her know, and they share a lovely, albeit short and guarded, phone conversation. But a while later, after he continued to research into the past, he was floored to read a news announcement of Jamie and Claire’s death by fire. He tried to call Bree again to update her, but her roommate picked up and revealed that Bree went to Scotland to “visit her mother weeks ago.” Did she go through the stones? Can Roger warn her in time? What’s going through Roger’s head in that moment the call ends?


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“‘Thank god she’s gone,'” Skelton jokes before Rankin considers the question seriously.

“As soon as Roger pieces those things together, that starts the clock ticking for him,” he says. “He processes and comes to the conclusion quite quickly that that’s what she has done, [deciding to go through the stones herself]. Roger knows Brianna and he knows that that’s what she’s going to do. For him, time is of the essence, and he needs to prepare and go and try to stop her and rescue her. He just wants to make sure she’s safe, get over there and bring her home before any harm comes to her, of course.”

For Bree, it didn’t take much to convince her to drop everything, leave her life behind and go back in time to her mother and the father she’s never met. But she also knows the risks, and still decides this was the right call to make.

“She knows that you can’t change history, but that’s something Claire, Jamie and Brianna are all dealing with this season,” Skelton says. “Brianna wouldn’t forgive herself if she didn’t try. Finding out that her parents die in a fire means that she wants to go back and do everything she can to prevent that and save their lives.”


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  1. Very good interview. I guess Jamie saw the native americans as kindred spirits as time went on, seeing them and their issues were those as experienced by the Highlanders and the issues they faced. Yes, Brianna and Roger have a lot of communicating to do. Their relationship is a major struggle at the moment.


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