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From EW

To depict the Native Americans whom Claire [Caitriona Balfe] and Jamie encounter and ultimately befriend, production cast, flew in, and housed roughly 200 indigenous extras from Canada to portray the inhabitants of a Mohawk village, which was constructed in a public park in Scotland.

“It’s funny,” Executive Producer Matthew B. Roberts told EW. “Scotland has a right to roam, so we couldn’t actually close the park. You can only ask people to wait while we film. It’s an authentic Mohawk village that’s populated with people in costume. I remember a few dog walkers coming around the bend on a trail. They looked around like, ‘Wait a minute, what just happened?’ It’s almost like they touched the stones and went through time.”


3 responses to “*New* Matt B. Roberts Speaks About Filming Mohawk Village Scenes

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  1. A very interesting article. That was a controversial choice of an actor with a criminal background, however he did apologize for his actions. Diana was right it maybe was not a good choice, but she has no control over the hiring of the supporting cast. i hope this doesn’t put a negative light on Outlander, because it still is the best show on TV..

  2. ? Criminal background? Where was that discussed?

    It’s great that Matt addressed a couple questions I was pondering on the second or third viewing last night. 🙂 Thank you for the back story and for sharing it.


    Sandra Ninas-Scheffel

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