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In another interview, you mentioned that Drums of Autumn — the book that’s the basis for Outlander season four — was your favorite in the series. Why?
Sophie Skelton: Because I read them from a Brianna point of view. It’s the one where I felt like she really comes into her own. She’s quite guarded and quite stoic in the first couple, but in this one she lets you see more aspects of her personality. She goes through a horrific amount, but we see her coming into her own and blossoming from the Brianna we’ve seen into this more mature, more open woman.

Richard Rankin: So, purely for selfish reasons.

Skelton: Pretty much, yeah!

Do you also have feelings about the books, Richard? 
Rankin: I have lots of feelings about all of the books. Drums of Autumn is also my favorite book in the series so far. For many reasons. It’s not that it’s a better story, it just really opens up. There’s a lot more in it, new characters, new relationships. I like when you get a nice epic fantasy story like that. All of your characters are in peril. There’s a lot of conflict going on. I think Drums of Autumn does that better than any of the other books preceding it.

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  1. Great interview. Will be watching this relationship as it moves along. Jamie’s and Claire’s love is a rare one, she is from the 1940’s and he is from the 1740’s, the period of adjustment almost nil because of that difference. They were almost Kindred spirits. Brianna and Roger are in the same era (1960s), and it will take time for a smoother ride for them.

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