*New* Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe’s Interview With Decider   1 comment

Here is Sam Heughan and Caitiona Balfe’s interview with Decider. 

From Decider

“She already has America in her blood,” says Balfe of Claire’s mindset when she and Jamie arrive in 1767 North Carolina. “She raised her daughter in America, she fulfilled a lifelong passion by becoming a doctor in America. She’s already an American in many ways. So when this idea to stay [presents itself], it’s a really strong pull for her.”

For Jamie, like so many immigrants to this country, becoming an American is the chance for a clean slate, something that he never would’ve had in Scotland as a former Highlander laird/outlaw: “I think for him, America is an opportunity, and they quickly realize that they could create a life here; going back to Scotland isn’t really a viable option,” says Heughan. “He’s always wanted to create a home and have a family – and he knows that by molding America into this new world is a way that he can have some sort of influence on [his daughter] Brianna in the future.”

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  1. Loved the interview. Thank you for sharing.


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