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Here is a NEW Interview with Tim Downie from Brief Take

From Brief Take:

Speaking with Tim Downie is very familiar, the type of interview which is prefaced by saying “Hello, Governor!” and instead of confusion, he picks it up and runs with it. We fell into an quick familiarity talking about his role as Governor William Tryon, a real historical figure, in the series Outlander. After a long drought, the beloved series at last began its fourth season recently, based on Diana Gabaldon’s Drums of Autumn.

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We made a special request to speak with Downie and were pleased to hear him provide fascinating anecdotes about a number of topics. His appearances on the show going forward are going to be greatly anticipated, even if they are done without his familiar moustache. Tim Downie is the kind of person from whom I would definitely try a beer. We spoke to the talented actor on the phone from the U.K., and the following is a condensed and edited version of that rollicking conversation.

Brief Take: Where does Outlander fit on your acting journey?
Tim Downie: It’s really good. It’s really, really good! I do quite a fair lot of period stuff. I spend a lot of time in wigs and very heavy brocaded jackets. So it fits in very nicely. It seems to be in my oeuvre, if you will. But it’s nice to do something that I can get my teeth into. I do a lot of comedy so it’s nice to kind of get under someone, really get into them and play someone who…you know, there’s a lot to him, and he can be quite dark. You don’t know where you are with him – is he friend or foe? What is he? There’s a lot to draw on, and he’s quite fun to play, and that’s great fun.


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