NEW HQ Still From Outlander 4×01 “America The Beautiful”   3 comments

Here is a NEW HQ Still from Outlander 4×01 “America The Beautiful”


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  1. Was anyone else disappointed with this first episode? I’m sorry to say I was. Why does Ron Moore tamper with the story so much. Surely there is enough exciting material in the book. I hated the modern music at the end and sin of sin the ring. How will that impact on the rest of the story? I love the books so much. I do realise this is an adaptation but still hoped for better, and what’s going on with Jamie’s wig. It looks just dead. Please Sam let your hair grow you looked amazing with your curls.

  2. I’m disappointed in the poor quality special effects- being able to so clearly see the actors acting in front of a green screen really takes a person out of the moment. Illusion ruined.

  3. Let’s hope it improves. Sam and Cait deserve better.

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