NEW Stills from OUtlander 4×01 “America The Beautiful”   2 comments

Here are NEW Stills from Outlander 4×01 “America The Beautiful”

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  1. I just watched Season 4 Episode 1 – loved it. It was so touching when the lament was sung for Archie Campbell. Mr. Bonnet was a very sly man – and a very bad one at that. America did look beautiful to those first touching its soil, but when there they were faced with a tremendous amount of problems, but they persevered. Not all survived but a great many did. John Bell and Rollo – a great team. Jamie as usual extremely cautious knowing the tables could be turned on him at any time. No wonder he wanted to start out on his own on his own terms. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Did I ever make a mistake – sorry about that. The lament sung in the tavern was for Gavin Hayes.

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