*New* 150+ HQ Screencaps of the Trailer of Episode 4×02 of Outlander “Do No Harm”   3 comments

Here are 150+ HQ screencaps of the trailer of episode 4×02 of Outlander “Do No Harm” that we made for you guys. Please source if you use. 


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3 responses to “*New* 150+ HQ Screencaps of the Trailer of Episode 4×02 of Outlander “Do No Harm”

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  1. What was with Ray Charles’ “America The Beautiful” in the last scene of episode one? Was this inspired by something that Diana Gabaldon wrote? Was interjecting this song supposed to be ironic? If this was the intent, for me it was rather heavy-handed. During the birthing of any nation, evil has insinuated itself into the process. This does not negate the intentions of good people. Interjecting this song into the final scene of this episode, full of brutal violence, was a definite turn-off for me. If the rest of the 4th season contain continual condemnations of “America”, I will not be viewing.

    • if that’s your feeling on the episode then that’s your feeling. there intent isn’t to poke fun of the evil and violence that happened in the book or in real life during that time period. read matts interview with EW. I personally didn’t take that feeling away from that scene. The song, for me, helped enhance the feeling being portrayed on screen. I don’t think it would have had as much of in impact if they had used suspenceful music like in the past.

  2. Thank you for the Screencaps, I have always enjoyed them. It must take a lot of hard work to get these screencaps together. Thank you for sharing them. I have yet to watch Season 4, Episode 1 as it is showing at midnight here – so I’ll be watching it on Monday.

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