NEW Photoshoot and Interview with Caitriona Balfe from W Magazine   1 comment

Here is a NEW Photoshoot and Interview with Caitriona Balfe from W Magazine

From W Magazine:

New York’s Madison Square Garden is home to countless arena concerts and basketball games with screaming fans. It is not, however, typically the place you’d go to meet the cast of your favorite TV show. But not every TV show is Outlander. “It was insane,” said Caitriona Balfe, a few days after a New York Comic Con event in October that had her and the show’s cast take the stage at MSG’s Hulu Theater. “We basically played Madison Square Garden, and I can’t sing and I don’t box and I can’t play basketball, so that was very cool.”

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As the star of one of television’s most popular series, which returns for its fourth season this Sunday, Balfe should be used to a fan base that might rival even Directioners or Swiifties. “It’s such a cool thing to happen and to be part of something that really speaks to people that people feel so invested in that they then go and dress up as the characters,” Balfe said. “It’s really wild. I’ve never get used to that…I’m the laziest person. If i have to line up for anything, I’m out.”

Not as if she’d have the time. The 39-year-old Irish actress has spent the last 10 months in Scotland shooting the upcoming season, on which she’ll reprise her lead role as Claire, a World War II nurse who finds herself traveling through time. “It’s always really daunting before you start, but once you’re in it, it’s really fine,” she said. “That first day back on set is just so exciting to see everybody and to catch up. We do still enjoy each other’s company and making the show that we’re making, so that is definitely a benefit.”

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  1. Nice interview. Caitriona is so beautiful. I love the outfit she is wearing above. Looks cozy, dressy and I love it.

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