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Here is a NEW Interview with Richard Rankin from The Scotsman

From The Scotsman

Rankin, who plays kind and bookish Roger Wakefield in the show, was speaking ahead of the launch of the new series of the time travelling historical romance, which is due to air on November 5.

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Roger is taken to the next level as he embarks on a “huge evolution” of character as the show largely switches its focus to 18th Century North Carolina

His love interest Brianna, daughter of main characters Claire and Jamie Fraser, attempts to step back in time from 20th Century Scotland to reunite with her parents, who have now arrived in colonial-era America. Rankin would not be drawn on whether he tries to follow his love through the ages but added: “What I can say about Roger is that he has this huge evolution of character, there are a lot of trials for him and his relationship with Brianna is tested to the absolute limit.



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  1. Yes, Richard Rankin is right – Roger comes out as a very different man at the end of Drums of Autumn. He faces many hurdles, emotional turmoil, dangers, and is faced with a very cautious Brianna. I’ve read the book many times and Roger, poor man, didn’t realize the pandora box he opened when he saw the passage about Brianna’s parents. A great interview with Richard. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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