NEW Interview with Maril Davis and NEW Promo Pics for Outlander Starz Season 4   2 comments

Here is a NEW Interview with Maril Davis and NEW Promo Pics for Outlander Season 4

From Vanity Fair:

Ask someone who hasn’t seen a single episode of Outlander to explain the series, and they may still be able to tell you two details: 1) This is a story that takes place in Scotland, and 2) it’s a romance about two very attractive and charismatic people who are torn apart by the quirks of time travel. But as the beloved book adaptation heads into its fourth season on Starz next month, both of those main components are going out the window.

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As the show returns, the attractive couple in question—Caitriona Balfe’s Claire and Sam Heughan’s Jamie—are together at last, and making a new life for themselves not on the Highlands, but in colonial America. Outlander is not done with Scotland for good, but it’s certainly trading in plaid kilts for buckskin trousers this season. In the new series of photos above and an exclusive behind-the-scenes video below, we get a glimpse of what life will be like for Claire and Jamie as they build a home together in North Carolina. The show’s executive producer, Maril Davis, also shed light on some of the challenges the show faced as Outlander reshaped its look while maintaining its identity. We’ll all get to see how they did when the new season premieres on Sunday, November 4.

What was the biggest challenge of bringing Claire and Jamie to America?

The biggest challenge by far was trying to figure out how to film North Carolina in Scotland. In Scotland, everything is stone. We certainly debated moving [production] to North Carolina, because I’ve said all along that one of the amazing things about Outlander is that we were actually able to film where it took place. Usually it’s Los Angeles or Vancouver or Washington. But at the end of the day we realized 1) we love our crew too much to leave Scotland, and 2) we have such a fabulous art department. So I’ve always said the only thing we could not replicate is the weather, because certainly you’re never going to get that heat and humidity of North Carolina in the summer in Scotland. So we just kind of decided from the get-go not to talk about the weather. We just wouldn’t try to play that at all.

Claire and Jamie are trying to fit into this new culture, but feel unease around both slavery and the attitudes that the colonists have towards the Cherokee Nation. How did you make sure that perspective came through?

Jamie has such an unique perspective on this because in many ways, he is very similar to the Native Americans in the colonies. He, too, was displaced by the British coming, as the indigenous people are. What an interesting perspective that was for Jamie, coming in kind of like: “How am I about to do to someone else what was done to me?” We’re not a SAG show, so unfortunately, we can’t cast actors from the United States. But it was very important that we cast indigenous actors. So we went to Canada and brought over First Nation performers. It was difficult, because we kind of had to block-shoot everything because we were bringing over a hundred people at a time.


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  1. Great interview! I love the “behind the scenes” interviews with Maril Davis and Matt Roberts – so much hard work, lots of travelling and research done. I have read Drums of Autumn many times, and it is interesting to read of the social opinions, values of those times, it was the way it was. Diana Gabaldon also did a lot of research for her books, which of course is why she is the amazing author that she is. Thank you for sharing the interview with us. Never thought I would want November to come quickly – especially November 4th!

  2. Wish that they had filmed in America. Not sure the old world of Scotland looks like the new world of America

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