New interview of the cast of Outlander with Buzzfeed – NYCC   1 comment

New interview of the cast of Outlander with Buzzfeed – NYCC

From Buzzfeed

1. First, Season 4 is very much about rebuilding this world we’ve come to know for three seasons. What’s that been like?

Caitriona Balfe: Jamie did it all by himself.

Sam Heughan: [laughs] Yeah, he’s very good at, you know, hammering.

Sophie Skelton: We’re not actually in this season. [laughs] Just Jamie.

Sam: It’s fun to be in a new world and to be showing America in its infancy and all the different cultures that make up America. It’s nice to be shooting in the woods a lot.

2. You guys still shot in Scotland, but turned it into Colonial America. How was that?

Caitriona: You feel like you’re in the backlot of one of the main studios because we built this whole town in a little area [outside]. For me, it’s that thing of feeling like a kid when you get on set and you realize it’s all facades. But, it looks so cool.

Sophie: You go through a door and you’re amazed.

Caitriona: Yeah! You go through a door and you’re like, “OMG, it’s a field.” Gary [Steele] just did such an incredible job. Our production team, the whole crew, they just do such an amazing job. I mean, River Run as well. It looks so stunning. I think things like that, they just change the feel or the atmosphere of the show altogether.

Sophie: It’s also great for our job because it helps put yourself fully in the place, just as much as a costume or anything like that does. The sets are amazing. The detail in all of them as well.

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  1. Love to read the actor’s perspective on the shows they are in. We will make sure we don’t miss seeing Jamie hammering – don’t hit the fingers! Thank you for sharing.

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