SmmmmMAC DOWN!   3 comments

If you’ve written, fiction, nonfiction, poetry, truly anything really – you know it’s a process. Strolling through the cyber sphere for meme inspiration, I unearthed this fab little interview with Diana Gabaldon from The Authors Road. Give it a listen!
*All screencaps of Herself blatantly borrowed – many thanks The Authors Road!*

Ah…that first meeting!❤️

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Hmm.Could’ve gone better.🤔

Oh no he didn’t!😳


Points for persistence!👊🏻

It’s all fun and games until someone issues a restraining order.

That’s all folks! Life is short, laugh more!❤️

3 responses to “SmmmmMAC DOWN!

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  1. This was awesome! So darn funny.

  2. Priceless!!! You tell em DG! That was wonderful

  3. That was hilarious. Had a good laugh on this one. Any more like that?

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