Our GIFs From Outlander Season 1 – Part IV (81 GIFs)   1 comment

Here is part IV of our Outlander Season 1 GIFs. You can check out Part I here, Part II here and Part III here.  Most of these are from promos and episodes 7, the majority are also part of GIF sets I made, so many of them have various formats. I’ve made a pretty comprehensive (I think) GIF making tutorial which you can find here on one of our older sites. 

All of these have been previously posted on Tumblr so please don’t repost on Tumblr as yours. Please source if you use.

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  1. Thank you for sharing the GIFs from Outlander Season 1. I had forgotten what a wretched person Black Jack Randall was. The soul of darkness. Season 1 was the one that started all the magic of the storey – a very special Season. I am reading Outlander (the first book) again for the 5th time. Love it so much.

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