*New* Sam Heughan and Mila Kunis’ Interview With TV Week For “The Spy Who Dumped Me”   1 comment

From TV Week

Sam, unlike Mila, you’re not exactly famous for your comedy chops – no offence! Were you nervous to go up against such funny women?

Sam: Outlander is a drama, so to be standing opposite Kate from Saturday Night Live and Mila, who I’ve watched in so many great films, was terrifying. From the first take, Mila and Kate improvised and talked nonsense, so I had a big learning curve to understand that way of working in the comedy world.

Mila: If Kate is speaking, then she’s improvising, so we’d go off the script a lot. It was a mess for poor Sam, who came from a strict way of working with a script – but he kept up really well.

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You all sound so supportive. Spill the beans: did you really get along this well on set too?

Sam: At the core of this movie are two strong women who have become great friends, and they really brought that to the screen as well. In the story, my character is trying to look after them, but they’re more likely to save him. It was great to be part of this strong female cast.


Mila, be honest: were you an Outlander fan before you met Sam? And did his sex-symbol status have anything to do with you taking on this movie?

M: I’m new to the whole Outlander world. I had no idea there was this massive fan base lusting after Sam without his shirt on! [Laughs] Kate started watching it while we were shooting the film and she ended up becoming the biggest Sam fan on the planet. We were both sad there was a lot less sexy time in our film!

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  1. A great photo of everyone looking gorgeous – actresses and actors. It must have been quite a learning curve for Sam – but I do believe that he could be really great with comedy roles. From what I read from other comedians or actors that take part in a comedy – is that it is very hard work. I’d love to see Sam in another comedy or a tongue-in-cheek role – I know he would be the best.

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