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From Independent.IE:

If you have ever seen the TV show Outlander, you’ll know Laura Donnelly’s face. In a show about time-travelling Celts that features plenty of magic stones and kilts that leave little to the imagination, she brings the narrative down to earth. She plays Jenny, the wise-cracking, logic-abiding sister of the male lead Sam Heughan, and her presence brings an earthy reality to a show that could otherwise run away with itself. In person, Donnelly – who has just won an Olivier award for her role as Caitlin in the Broadway-bound The Ferryman – brings much of Jenny’s energy. She’s quick, funny and eminently fair.

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The Belfast-born actress is a refreshing interviewee: there’s no ducking, no dodges. The Ferryman (written by her partner Jez Butterworth, directed by Sam Mendes) is partly inspired by her own family’s story, a subject you would assume she would be protective of.

“The part of it that is influenced by my family story is to do with the death of the brother in the play,” she says, meeting my gentle inquiry head-on. “Jez and I were watching a documentary about the Disappeared in Northern Ireland and at the end, the faces of the victims came up. I just said, ‘Oh, that’s my uncle’. He was like ‘WHAT?’ It was such a bizarre thing to try to explain to someone not from Ireland.”

Several of the Disappeared, the 16 Northern Irish people, all Catholic, believed to be abducted and murdered by the IRA, remain missing.


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  1. Wow  – her Uncle.  Great email tku

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  2. What an eye opener. I feel badly for her about her Uncle. Those were terrible times in Ireland (and it’s history has always been one of turmoil), Every day on the news we heard. read and saw (on TV) the terrible issues there. My Dad had a friend to came to Canada from Ireland who lost friends and family around the same time. I loved Laura’s Jenny Murray – a well grounded and intelligent woman. Laura is a fantastic actress – I would love to see her in another production. I also liked her comments regarding Caitriona Balfe – my idol. Another very strong lady. Thank you for sharing this interview with us If you have any more coverage about Laura Donnelly – would love to see it.

  3. OH if they would only bring this production to LOS ANGELES. AND BETTER YET PRODUCE A FILM
    PLAY THE PART. Does anyone remember her short but standout role in THE FALL with Jamie
    “Christian Grey” Dornan filmed in Belfast from a couple of years ago on Netflix. I’m sure you can
    Still find it on Netflix. It was 3 seasons and was definitely binge worthy.

    • I would love to have the production “The Ferryman” with Laura Donnelly in it, to come to Winnipeg, Manitoba. It would be a packed house! She is an amazing actress. It still stuns me that Outlander isn’t nominated in this year’s Emmys – I feel Laura Donnelly should be credited for her role as Jenny Murray.

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