*New* HQ Portraits of Sam Heughan For WWD   5 comments

Here are HQ portraits of Sam Heughan for WWD


More after the jump! 




Source: Jenna Greene at WWD   

HQ Source 

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5 responses to “*New* HQ Portraits of Sam Heughan For WWD

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  1. He keeps getting better and better with each interview. Not a lot of stuttering looking for the right word. As he approaches 40 he gets more handsome. He’s going to be a huge movie star!😍 And to think it’s because he sent a tape for Outlander. He’s so easy to love!💔😵

  2. He looks bada$$ in some of the photos!👍

  3. Sorry for the dumb question, but what’s the difference between HQ & MQ? I’m not familiar with the abbreviations.

  4. Sam looks sooooo good in the photos! Oh – and i like the jackets too.

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