Sam Heughan Will Not Be Able to Attend The Outlander Convention in New Jersey   4 comments

Sam Heughan will not be able to attend the Outlander Convention in New Jersey. Creations has just released the following statement: 

For more information click here 


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4 responses to “Sam Heughan Will Not Be Able to Attend The Outlander Convention in New Jersey

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  1. You know when this happened the first time and he had to back out of the Las Vegas convention his PR representatives knew he also had an original commitment for the New Jersey convention! This conflict should have been recognized and resolved then. I know Sam is trying to do more movies BUT I hope he isn’t forgeting the people that made him so popular. Those people paid a lot of hard earned money almost a year ago to see Sam in person and he knew this when he made the original convention commitments. Now, he’s backed out of a 2nd convention. I’ understand he’s filming a 2nd movie, but the Outlander fandom is what made him so famous. I truly hope he doesn’t forget where he came from.


  2. I want a refund!!!!


  3. I often wonder what an actor feels like when they have to back out of a pre-arranged appearance. It can’t make them feel very good. I appreciate those fans who have paid good money to see and meet him and their keen disappointment. A terrible let down.


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