NEW HQ Pics of Sam Heughan at Sirius XM   8 comments

Here are NEW HQ Pics of Sam Heughan at Sirius XM

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8 responses to “NEW HQ Pics of Sam Heughan at Sirius XM

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  2. Holy Moly!  He has got to go home! I can’t keep up with him!! LOL. I can’t imagine how you feel!  Thanks for all your hard work getting these updates and pics etc out to us. I really do appreciate it. All my best,Kathy Ivrey

  3. Sam is definitely the Energizer Bunny. He is always on the go and working hard everywhere he does go. I think I hear Scotland calling him to come back home. Thank you for keeping us all updated with all the comings and goings of everyone of the Outlander Cast. We love them all. Sorry I am a little late in commenting on all the emails you are sending me. I have been away for a few days. I will comment on them all and hope you keep sending all updates my way. I appreciate them all.

  4. Congrats Sam on all your promotions! You’ve done great and I’m looking forward to seeing the movie again. I saw it last week during a Sneak Preview, but I’m going with a bunch of friends this weekend. Maybe you can get some shut eye on the flight home.

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