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We’re making a PSA on what we do and don’t post due to the fact that over the last few days we’ve heard: “You post too much of this, you post too much screencaps, you post too many pics of Nell Hudson, we hate a certain person.” 

Here’s the deal guys, we do not care. We know many of you appreciate what we post. This website? We don’t make money off of it and when we do, it all goes to giveaways and site upkeep. So every single time you see us on here, posting for hours constantly, it’s out of our personal time and out of our lives. A lot of work, sweat and tears comes from running a site like this. Not everyone realizes how much time and effort we put into this site. Let me tell you, it’s A LOT. The only thing we get out of this site is knowing there’s people out there that like what we do and meeting great people. We do get donations from people once in a while, which are also really appreciated. 

We did a poll, ages ago, asking you guys if you wanted us to post pics from the cast when they do stuff outside of Outlander, you said yes. So that’s what we’re doing for each actor of Outlander. We don’t control the pics that come out. We post what’s available. We also try to do throwback posts with more Outlander stuff during Droughtlander. 

Here’s another thing, we don’t comment on Actors’ personal lives, we don’t post gossip, we don’t post pics of actors during their downtime taken by paparazzi or pics taken when they’re not aware they’re being photographed. We firmly believe in the actors’s right to have a personal lives, they are all people like us. We’re also not here for drama bottom line. We also try to keep this site as drama free as possible for all of you. 

Thank you to all of you who appreciate what we post. Much love to you all. 



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67 responses to “PSA On What We Post – IMPORTANT PLEASE READ

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  1. Please keep doing what you do. We appreciate it.

  2. I personally appreciate and want to thank you for all the work and effort you put into this work! Don’t let the turkeys get you down! They are not worth your efforts!

  3. I love everything you post. Keep it up!!! And much THANKS!!!

  4. Thank you!

  5. Keep doing what you’re doing. Some of us do appreciate the work you put into this site and thank you for it. There’s an easy solution if someone prefers not to see pics of an actor. Delete the email.

  6. Love this response. Instead of complaining, people can and should just keep moving along. Enjoy what you want. Delete what you don’t. Thank you is so simple. And free. But it can mean so much. THANK YOU LADIES! ❤️

  7. <3 <3 <3 (those are supposed to be hearts, if the graphic doesn't work.) You post what you want, that's why we are here!

  8. Bravo Marie and keep up the excellent work

  9. Well said! Love the site!

  10. I appreciate what you do and enjoy it very much. I just don’t understand why people can’t just scroll past what they don’t want to look at. Pick and chose what you want to view and let the rest of us do the same. Thank you, Marie, for all your hard work.

  11. I appreciate and support your position, professionalism and journalistic ethics.
    Always have.
    You set a moral standard.
    And by your postings, show respect for the privacy of people with public lives.

  12. Thank you for your PSA. I had no idea people would be so rude as to complain about what you post. I appreciate all the work, time and effort you put in for us fans. If I am not interested in a post, I pass on by. Keep up the terrific job! You are appreciated immensely!

  13. Thank YOU! I’ve been a fan and follower of your site for at least 2 if not 3 years. Please let the unappreciative comments roll off your back. Not worth it. Probably those same people clogged twitter the other day about Sam being given bonus love for his movie and Cait got none when her movie came out. Nonsense and it’s a stupid rant. Please don’t stop your EXCELLENT work. It’s bloody obvious how much time and energy you put into this site. And I’m constantly amazed and grateful. Thank you again.

  14. I love the site and appreciate all the info you supply, you have obviously been upset by some comments, don’t let it get you down, your doing a great job, you will always get ‘glass half empty’ minded people 😐 well done for your site and thanks l appreciate it, l’m a glass half full type xxxo

  15. Sad you have to do this but completely understand. I appreciate your hard work, thank you. Sent from my iPad


  16. You all are amazing & very dedicated to Outlander and we the fans. I send a heartfelt thank you for all the hours you spend and continue to spend each and every day. You’ve created an awesome community for everyone! I’m glad you sent this memo out. It”s a reminder for everyone.

  17. Outlander Online is one of the best sources for pictures, screen shots and interviews on the web. I appreciate the hard work and it really shows as the site is so well done. And, I think you are the only site that respects the private lives of the actors and that is not easy to do these days. I visit your site when I get my email ping and am never disappointed. Cheers to all of you that work hard for Outlander fans.

  18. Thank you for this, Marie. I enjoy your site and appreciate the huge amount of time it must take to keep up these posts for Outlander fans. Some people you can please part of the time or little of the time or never! If viewers don’t like what they see they can just hit the delete button and forego the negative comments that are really not useful. Thank you for all you do.

  19. I love what you do and appreciate all the time put in to keeping it up. If I don’t want to see something, I just delete it and move in. Keep up the great work!

  20. Thanks. Non illegitimi carborundum, as my Dad used to say! I have always felt that if you do not like something posted, ignore, delete and/or move on.

  21. All you do is greatly appreciated. Those who are negative have no business here. I like you don’t care for “drama”. Life is already difficult without adding more. Your site is an inspiration and a little happiness in my day. Keep it up.

  22. Your site is wonderful and I appreciate finding out everything about the cast, new, old and SAM 😀 Thank you

    Sent from my iPhone

  23. You do a great job! don’t want to see something, delete it and keep your comments to yourself. Quite being rude!

  24. Much love and appreciation for all you do. You are the one site I trust because of your policy. I completely agree with everything you’ve said if people Don’t like something scroll on past. Thank you again for all you do.

    Debbie Loffhagen
  25. Well said. Appreciate what you are providing and your philosophy. Negativity should be kept to oneself.

  26. Great post. I appreciate everything you do (and I know how much work it is).🧡

  27. Love your posts…thanks for all your hard work. I probably hate the CHARACTER Laoghaire as much as anyone, so I just delete the pics of Nell Hudson. Silly, I know, but there it is… and really easy to do. Thanks!

  28. Yes!!! Keep it up!! 👍🏼

  29. I love what you do! Keep on keeping on and block the ones that annoy!

  30. Thank you for all you do!

  31. Bravo, good work. I like all you do and applaud you for having integrity
    in your reporting.

  32. Hear hear!

    Connie a/k/a @Yr_Obt_Svt
  33. Some people are never happy. I know I am.

  34. This is my go to site for everything and anything Outlander. A heartfelt THANK YOU for all you do. It’s certainly appreciated Keep up the good work.

  35. Absolutely.
    Appreciate what you post and the fact you give respect and privacy to the actors we as fans love.

  36. Your great work is appreciated…don’t change a thing!

  37. Thanks so much for your dedication to Outlander and the fans. Most of us wouldn’t change a thing!

    Mary Kathleen Babcock
  38. Excellent work and keep doing what you are doing. We are all fans of series and site. Thank you for the wonderful work you do. And great pics of the cast outside of the show.

    Many thanks

  39. Thank u for all u do.

  40. Marie, You’re doing a FANTASTIC job! Please don’t change a thing! Those who are unhappy are free to delete what they don’t care to read or to unsubscribe altogether. I have your site bookmarked and it’s my “go to” when I want to post a comment about a particular OL scene & want a pic to go along with it. So I LOVE the screencaps from the episodes. As for Nell Hudson, well that chick must be a TERRIFIC actress because she’s made us really loathe Laoghaire! 😂😂😂 But we need to separate the character from the actress. Also, I totally support your policy of not sharing pics of the OL folks when they’re on their downtime or not aware their pic is being taken. I think they are INCREDIBLY open with their fans. We need to appreciate that & respect that like everybody else, they need their downtime. I’d really hate it if they pulled back because fans were becoming too intrusive. So I’ll get off my soapbox now by saying a great big THANK YOU for all you do! MWAH!! 😘😘😘

    • So well said. I have your site book marked, too. Thanks for all you do for the Outlander community. So well done.

  41. Love this site! Please know there are so many of us reading and appreciating what you do. Thank you for all the time and effort.

  42. You guys are awesome 👏 you deserve a BIG THANKYOU !! for everything you put Into this page ….love waking up every morning to see what’s new ….Thanks again every one of you ❤️😀🤗 x x x

  43. Keep up the great work I love ❤️ your site

  44. Thank you for doing this time consuming ‘Labor of Love!” As you can tell what you put up IS appreciated. If someone doesn’t appreciate it, they can “Vote” with their delete key, or unsubscribe, and not make negative comments. But human nature being what it is, social media provides a convenient forum for the whiners. Your work is High Class, and I thank you.

  45. I am also one who appreciates all the hard work involved in keeping a site like this functional – I think you do a fantastic job of covering ‘something for everyone’ – keep it up and there are enough of us who do appreciate it to make it worthwhile. You will always get the whingers and negative people – they would not be happy regardless of the content as their purpose is to be miserable and inflict this on others. It is a big thank you from me, your site is great.

  46. Like the mostly silent majority, I love and appreciate all you do to keep us informed of anything and everything Outlander!! I always want to know what current and past cast members are doing in their professional lives. I don’t want to pry into their private lives, but love sharing in their joy with whatever personal news they do care to share with us. I love and respect them enough to wish for them the same things I want for my real life family.

  47. Thanks for all your wonderful comments!

  48. Love anything Outlander. Thank for doing the work to collect the videos, pictures

    Virginia Martin
  49. Love your postings! You do post often when things are happening, and I always have the choice to look or delete, pretty easy! Some might not want to look at what I do, I might not be interested in what others are, you give us all a choice. Thank you!

  50. Hey, please keep doing what you’re doing!! If there’s something I don’t want to read, I don’t. You all do a GREAT job!! Thank you for all you do!

  51. I love everything you post

  52. Mahalo for all the postings and effort put into updating the site. I appreciate having a positive place to go to after a crazy day dealing with the world…..

  53. You do gre

  54. Thank you A LOT from Japan!!! There is no Japanese Outlander Website so you are the ony one that I gain informations from.
    Looking forward to see another posts that you do! Thank you again for all your hard jobs!

  55. Thank you for such a great fan site. It is most appreciated it seems that some people are always up to criticise and moan.

    Liz Jayne-Harriette
  56. Keep doing the great work of spreading Great Outlander Pics. Don’t pay any attention to the negative remarks… Outlander Online has more to spread…..

    Deborah W. Kaye
  57. I so look forward to your emails every day! Knowing that you will have captured everything going on, and then the added bonus when you do screen caps. The odd one I’m not interested in I just scroll past. We are so fortunate to have you putting in all of this work for us fans – so appreciated!. .

  58. We are living in strange times! People have lost the notion of good behaviour and – supported by the media – they seem to have thrown even the most basic values ‘overboard’. I fail to comprehend why it’s impossible to preserve dignified behaviour here on those fan sites and forums, not to mention the well meant and organized com cons etc., where fans do not actually ‘behave’ at all. I admire your work here as well as the dedication of the participating ‘Outlander’-Starz actresses and actors for their tolerance and patience with some ‘blooms’ of fandom. Keep up your good work! ✨🍀✨❣

  59. Well said! I love the posts. If something doesn’t interest me, I pass over it. By the way people, Nell Hudson is not the character she plays. And, she is superb in Victoria! I appreciate all you do!

  60. Are you kidding me? I’m not on my computer all the time and your website is the only way I can keep up with our favorite people in Outlander!! Thank you for ALL your posts!! Keep up the good work!! You are appreciated!!

  61. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏great!!!

  62. Your post are great so sorry other are so negative. Just because we don’t particularly like a character doesn’t that’s how that person is that’s the character and they play it well or people wouldn’t feel to emotion so strong. I enjoy the post myself if they don’t like one they can trash it.

  63. Thank you and your group for all the wonderful pictures and the smiles that they bring. Keep up the great work. Again thank you !!

    Richard Giddings
  64. I look forward to receiving everything you have done. I know a lot of hard work has gone into what you sent. Keep up the great work – everything you do and send our way are real treasures, we couldn’t do without them. You are greatly appreciated and where would we (most devoted fans of Outlander) be without all that you have given us. All the throwback photos, screen caps and everything else you have given us and hopefully will continue to send our is more than appreciated. Don’t listen to the negative folks, just look at all the great comments above and know that you are a very important part of our lives. You are the best ever. Thank you for being a part of our lives – couldn’t live without you. Looking forward to seeing what you are sending tomorrow.

  65. Always love what you do and do appreciate the time and energy and yes, LOVE that goes into making this site what it is. So thank you for everything you do! Ann.

    Sent from my Samsung device

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