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From Parade Magazine

What about The Spy Who Dumped Me hooked you?
As soon as I read the script, I laughed out loud. Then when I found out that both Mila and Kate were attached, I couldn’t believe it.

Tell a bit about Sebastian.
He’s one of the good guys—or is he? That whole spy world is very shady. I read some great autobiographies about agents, especially MI5, and how they’re always undercover.

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Outlander is heavy on action. Did Spy make you realize you’re a natural for comedy?
I don’t think I’m funny at all, so it was quite intimidating. Outlander is this heavy drama in which we stick to the script and there’s very little opportunity to ad-lib. Whereas on day one of the movie, Mila was just making up s—. It’s so creative and fast-paced. It was a great opportunity trying to keep up with those two girls.

What can fans look forward to in season four of Outlander this fall?
This season is very much about Jamie [Heughan] and Claire [Caitriona Balfe] finally finding a home, settling down and having the life they’ve always dreamt of. Jamie’s always wanted to be a laird and have a family and a place of his own. For a while he does, but, of course, being Outlander, it doesn’t last long.

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