NEW Facebook Q and A From Sam Heughan   7 comments

Here is a NEW Facebook Q and A from Sam Heughan


For those who can’t see the above video see the one after the jump! 

7 responses to “NEW Facebook Q and A From Sam Heughan

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  1. Hi Sam I’m Catherine Corrigan have mild form of autism and dyspraxia. I love animals have 2 dogs and 3 cats I’m quite a fan fan out Outlander have watched 3 seasons within 2 weeks. do you enjoy playing Jamie.

    Catherine Corrigan
  2. absolutely adorable==thank you for dointg this –how do we learn in advance when we get to ask ????

    outlander on line
  3. Enjoyed his Q&A

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  5. Loved the Q & A by Sam. Nice to hear his views.

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