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Here is a NEW Interview with Sam Heughan from NewNowNext

From NewNowNext:

Whether Sam Heughan is our next (gay?) Bond remains to be seen. For now, the 38-year-old Scottish heartthrob is playing it straight as sexy British agent Sebastian in his first major film, The Spy Who Dumped Me.
In Susanna Fogel’s action-comedy, Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon star as BFFs Audrey and Morgan who are hilariously fleeing from assassins targeting them because Audrey’s ex-boyfriend Drew (Justin Theroux) is a spy.

Known for portraying Jamie Fraser in the Starz time-travel drama Outlander, Heughan talked to NewNowNext about his blessedly gay oeuvre and the queer cult classic he’d go bare-legged for.

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I’m not aware! But I hope there is one. And if there isn’t, then we need to make one.

I think it’s been made, Sam. Outlander’s queerness seems to have courted a sizeable gay audience.

I suppose it has. The only gay character is John Grey, but that relationship (with Jamie) is so interesting, and it’s been really, really fun. It’s a really beautiful friendship they’ve got, and this sort of understanding. And it’s sad, actually, for John Grey because he’s really fallen for Jamie, and it’s not reciprocated in that way. I really feel for that guy.

The Spy Who Dumped Me just might lead to the Bond movie that William Shatner wants you to star in. And based on his endorsement, he wants you to play…gay Bond?

God bless him. Everyone’s being talked about, but I think it’s time that, yeah, why not? Let’s do a gay Bond. That’d be cool. I’ve actually played quite a few gay characters. I did A Very British Sex Scandal (in 2007), which was about this reporter who was taken to court in the late ’50s. I’ve done a few characters on stage as well. But, yeah, I don’t know if it’s typecasting. (Laughs)


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  1. All actors take on many roles – that is why they are actors – being able to crawl into someone else’s skin (so to speak) with sincerity and believability – they experiment with all personalities. I think Sam is an amazing actor – and labelling an actor by the roles they take can be very suffocating. He obviously truly enjoys his work and delves into all areas. I believe he can take on any role and make it genuine and believable. I am still in shock that he wasn’t nominated for the Emmys.

  2. I would like to think the point of acting, is the acting. Who cares about Sam’s sexuality. Love him for who he is.

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