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We asked the following question on Twitter yesterday: “What does Outlander mean to you?” We had many replies and we thought we’d create this post so people can leave their stories in the comments. It’s much easier for us to reply to you guys and for fans to interact with each other and share theirs stories. 

So, what does Outlander mean to you? How long have you been reading the books or watching the series? How has it impacted your life? 

I’ll start, Outlander means a lot to me. I started reading the books about 15 years ago. People kept raving about this book called Outlander, one day I was at a used bookshop and saw the British version of Outlander, Cross Stitch, and thought to myself why not. In the following weeks Outlander took over my life, I did nothing but read. I read Outlander, Dragonfly in Amber, Voyager and Drums of Autumn in three weeks. The Fiery Cross took me longer to read, however that was a good thing as I needed to wait for the next book to come out anyway. I started searching the internet for Scottish history. I joined the Ladies of Lallybroch and started following posts Diana was leaving on Compuserve. Outlander made me fall in love with Scotland and it’s rich history. I’m a big history geek, so the books really hit the mark with me for that, especially since they’re so true to history. 

I’ll have to admit that when they said they were making a TV series with the books, I was one of the first ones to say: “Oh no. They’re going to ruin my favourite books”. As a book reader, for years you have this image of the characters in your head and it was tough to think that the image I had of those characters was going to be altered. However, I soon came around and you now have the website that you’re reading today. I love both the books and the series. 

So, to me Outlander means a deeper understanding of Scotland. A love for a country I’ve never visited, but really do want to some day. It also means friendships, I’ve met so many people over the years because of the Outlander books. Through message boards (Ladies of Lallybroch) and through this site. I also always keep an extra copy of Outlander at home, because I tend to give out copies to people to get them into the books. I’ve been doing this for years and got so many people hooked to the series, I don’t regret a thing. 

I almost met Diana once, I’m so disappointed I didn’t get a chance to. She was doing a book singing in Toronto for A Breath of Snow and Ashes, I was there on business and had scheduled to go to the book signing, however a health emergency arose at the last moment and I had to head home. I really do hope to met her one day. 

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  1. I started reading the books only 3 years ago (approximately) and I have enjoyed reading each one of them. Strangely enough, I had pictured Claire exactly the way she is in the Series. However, Jamie was very different from what he looks like in the Series. Outlander made me love Scotland although I’ve never been there. One day, hopefully, I’ll be able to visit that wonderful country. I found their history not only interesting but very captivating as well. I have a new understanding of Scottish people and what they had to go through to preserve their language and their custom.

    Danielle Levasseur
  2. Outlander changed our marriage. Someone posted on another site they wished they had married a Jamie. I started comparing the traits of Jamie to my husband and realized I had a Jamie, but he didn’t have a Claire. He has one now. We found time for each other in the midst of everything. I started researching Scotland and my family tree to see if there was a connection. My husband is a direct descendant of Edgar Allen Poe which we found out by looking. Still looking for a Scottish connection. Read all the books in 3 months. Constantly rereading them. We watch at least an episode a week. We have been through all of the 3 seasons since season 3 ended and we are starting again.
    All of this because my husband said “ hey there’s this show that’s filmed in Scotland. How about we watch it?” The rest is history. I tell everyone about Outlander and about the greatest love story I’ve ever read. People think I’m obsessed, but who cares?

    • Bev, I really love your story. Outlander has also filled my life, but I have’t been able to hook my husband. He likes the story and the actors, and he listens when I talk about it, but that’s all. I don’t lose hope, though!

  3. Where do I begin? Outlander has filled and changed my life, and on a number of occasions when I remember a quote or two from any one of the Outlander books, it has changed my reaction to a situation for the better. I have read and reread all 8 of the Outlander book series (and waiting for Book # 9) over and over and everytime I see something I missed before. I was fascinated by the in-depth conversations between Jamie and Claire – they often bared their souls to each other – a rare thing believe me. I got to know Jamie and Claire better because of their trust and respect for each other. I have been married for 46 years and never did I have a heart to heart conversation with my husband as Jamie and Claire had with each other. I know it is historical fiction but there is a lot of everyday life in Outlander. It is absolutely fascinating. I have all three Seasons 1, 2 and 3 on DVD and Blu Ray and watch them over and over – they are real gems. Because I have Scottish ancestry behind me, Outlander brought Scotland into our home – it is a very beautiful country. So thank you for asking the question “What Does Outlander Mean To You?” It means a lot to me – it has filled me with a love for Scotland and it’s history.

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