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While making this movie, which scene gave you such an adrenaline rush? It’s the big action sequence in Café Sacher in Vienna, where I basically destroy the café–shooting guns and kicking some ass out.

But to be honest, there was a shot at the top of the Berlin Museum. I’m standing there in a tuxedo and we had a great crane shot. It was one of those moments where you’re like, this is a big movie, there’s a huge camera on a massive crane out there and we’ve got hundreds of extras.

It felt very Bond, very slick and expensive.

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Do you think you would be a good spy? I’d be a terrible spy. First of all, they have to fit into any scenario. Spies are undercover a lot, it seems in countries with hot temperatures, in which I’m not so good with.


Talk about that next film. It’s “Bloodshot,” which we’re shooting in South Africa. I love it there and it’s a beautiful, amazing place. And Dave Wilson, who’s directing, has been collaborative and inspiring.

We have a great cast (Vin Diesel, Toby Kebbell and Michael Sheen) as well, so it’s going to be cool.


“Outlander” fans are counting the days until November. What can they expect in Season 4? We’re portraying America in its infancy.  For Jamie and Claire initially, it’s pretty good. We finally get to see them together, settling down and being domestic, almost.

It’s America in its infancy, so it’s a land of immigrants. It’s interesting to see all these different cultures, in a big mishmash. Scotland is doubling as North Carolina, where we are set.

This finale is our strongest yet. It’s going to take you a few episodes to get there, but without giving away too much, we have some remarkable Native Americans.


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  1. Sam, parabéns!/ Congratulations. Muitas felicidades/ Wish you the best.

  2. A great interview. Also, enjoyed the personal part of Sam’s interview – he is a very humble sort, very down to earth and a very intelligent man as well. I enjoyed the details of “The Spy Who Dumped Me”, his upcoming “Bloodshot” movie, as well as Season 4 for Outlander. It’s nice to hear what the actor’s views are concerning their different movie projects. I wish Sam Heughan all the best success in his acting career. Also, a very athletic man, our Sam. Thank you for sharing the interview above.

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