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*New* Sam Heughan Talks Outlander, “The Spy Who Dumped Me” and Bloodshot With Inquirer   2 comments

From Inquirer: 


While making this movie, which scene gave you such an adrenaline rush? It’s the big action sequence in Café Sacher in Vienna, where I basically destroy the café–shooting guns and kicking some ass out.

But to be honest, there was a shot at the top of the Berlin Museum. I’m standing there in a tuxedo and we had a great crane shot. It was one of those moments where you’re like, this is a big movie, there’s a huge camera on a massive crane out there and we’ve got hundreds of extras.

It felt very Bond, very slick and expensive.

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*New* Pic of Sam Heughan   5 comments

Here’s a new pic of Sam Heughan. 



Source: Sam Heughan 

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*New* Pic of Nell Hudson   1 comment

Here’s a new pic of Nell Hudson. 


Source: Nell Hudson’s Instagram 

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*New* Sam Heughan’s Tips on Dating a Spy   2 comments

Here are Sam Heughan’s tips on dating a spy. 

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*New* Pic of Barry Waldo and Jon Gary Steele   3 comments

Here’s a new pic of Barry Waldo and Jon Gary Steele. 

Source: Barry Waldo  

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*New* Still of Sam Heughan From “The Spy Who Dumped Me”   3 comments

Here’s a new still of Sam Heughan from “The Spy Who Dumped Me”.


Source: Sam Heughan 

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Fanmade Video: Jamie Fraser – Mercy   4 comments

Here’s a fan video made by Cecilia Benson titled “Jamie Fraser – Mercy”. 

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Question of The Day: What Does Outlander Mean To You? Here’s What It Means To Me   4 comments

We asked the following question on Twitter yesterday: “What does Outlander mean to you?” We had many replies and we thought we’d create this post so people can leave their stories in the comments. It’s much easier for us to reply to you guys and for fans to interact with each other and share theirs stories. 

So, what does Outlander mean to you? How long have you been reading the books or watching the series? How has it impacted your life? 

I’ll start, Outlander means a lot to me. I started reading the books about 15 years ago. People kept raving about this book called Outlander, one day I was at a used bookshop and saw the British version of Outlander, Cross Stitch, and thought to myself why not. In the following weeks Outlander took over my life, I did nothing but read. I read Outlander, Dragonfly in Amber, Voyager and Drums of Autumn in three weeks. The Fiery Cross took me longer to read, however that was a good thing as I needed to wait for the next book to come out anyway. I started searching the internet for Scottish history. I joined the Ladies of Lallybroch and started following posts Diana was leaving on Compuserve. Outlander made me fall in love with Scotland and it’s rich history. I’m a big history geek, so the books really hit the mark with me for that, especially since they’re so true to history. 

I’ll have to admit that when they said they were making a TV series with the books, I was one of the first ones to say: “Oh no. They’re going to ruin my favourite books”. As a book reader, for years you have this image of the characters in your head and it was tough to think that the image I had of those characters was going to be altered. However, I soon came around and you now have the website that you’re reading today. I love both the books and the series. 

So, to me Outlander means a deeper understanding of Scotland. A love for a country I’ve never visited, but really do want to some day. It also means friendships, I’ve met so many people over the years because of the Outlander books. Through message boards (Ladies of Lallybroch) and through this site. I also always keep an extra copy of Outlander at home, because I tend to give out copies to people to get them into the books. I’ve been doing this for years and got so many people hooked to the series, I don’t regret a thing. 

I almost met Diana once, I’m so disappointed I didn’t get a chance to. She was doing a book singing in Toronto for A Breath of Snow and Ashes, I was there on business and had scheduled to go to the book signing, however a health emergency arose at the last moment and I had to head home. I really do hope to met her one day. 

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NEW Pic of Ed Speleers   1 comment

Here is a NEW Pic of Ed Speleers


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