NEW Sam Heughan Set to Appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live!   5 comments

Sam Heughan is Set to Appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live! July 26th

Via ABC’s press site for Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the Outlander star is set to appear on the Thursday, July 26 edition of the late-night talk show in order to promote the new movie The Spy Who Dumped Me. The Interrupters are currently set as the musical guest for the episode. This is actually the second interview on Kimmel’s show this week revolving around the movie, as Justin Theroux is going to be there on Monday


5 responses to “NEW Sam Heughan Set to Appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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  2. Could you please not embarrass him by asking stupid questions?? PLEASE???


  3. I’ll be watching on Thursday, July 26th. I normally don’t watch the late night show – but with Sam Heughan on it I wouldn’t miss it for the world. And, yes, please don’t ask stupid questions.


  4. If Justin gets treated with respect and Sam doesn’t I think I will write a nasty note to the show…at least I will feel better if I do…I just hope it goes well for Sam…


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